Author - The Donors’ Dilemma: Emergence, Convergence and the Future of Aid – A Global Policy E-book edited by Andy Sumner

The Donors’ Dilemma: Emergence, Convergence and the Future of Foreign Aid

As poverty declines, what if the remaining pockets of poverty are increasingly focused in countries where aid is already on the way to becoming irrelevant as domestic resources grow - such as some middle income countries - or in countries which cannot absorb aid easily and quickly – meaning many fragile states?

This is the question addressed by contributors to Global Policy’s first e-book entitled ‘The Donors’ Dilemma: Emergence, Convergence and the Future of Aid', guest edited by Dr Andy Sumner, Co-Director, King’s International Development Institute, King’s College London.

Written by world renowned academics and practitioners, contributions will initially be serialised on the Comment and Opinion page of the Global Policy website, and subsequently released as a freely accessible GP e-book in the first quarter of 2014.

Readers are encouraged to leave comments below each piece or join the debate by using the tag #GPfutureofaid on Twitter.

To purchase the entire e-book for $2.99 please click here (for the Amazon Kindle version please click here) or find the individual commentaries below:

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