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The Institute for Sustainability at Newcastle University coordinates research across multiple disciplines to deliver practical, engaged solutions to real-world issues in sustainability, under the banner 'Enough, for all, forever'. The Institute draws upon Newcastle University’s areas of established research excellence in energy, food, transport, water and earth systems engineering. Underpinning the Institute’s mission in the world is the concept of justice and governance. Newcastle University researchers lead sustainability research and engagement that supports the rights of all people to environmental benefits and safeguards communities from environmental burdens, including pollution and climate risks.

The Institute for Sustainability was set up to facilitate interdisciplinary research to tackle three global research challenges: Production and Resources, Consumption and Waste and Integrated Infrastructure Systems. As ecological and economic demands for more efficient production and resource management increase, radical changes need to be made to how resources are sustained and/or distributed, managed, conserved and protected. This includes finding smart ways to reduce resource consumption, minimise wastes and lessen the effects of pollution on whole ecosystems. Through innovative research and demonstration of sustainable solutions, the Institute aims to develop ways to maximise production and reduce humans’ ecological footprint. In collaboration with its partners the Institute coordinates leading research that is helping to move the world towards infrastructures that integrate food, water, transport and energy to better serve the needs of society, and create positive interactions with the environment. For more information about the Institute for Sustainability’s research and projects visit its website.

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