Author - John Collins

John Collins

John Collins is a PhD candidate in the Department of International History at the London School of Economics. He researches the history of post-war drug control and its foreign policy implications. Specifically, his work seeks to locate the issue of drug control both within the context of evolving Anglo-American relations, and the Cold War more broadly.

John’s interests extend to contemporary drug policy issues, particularly efforts to shift national and international policies away from a prohibitionist paradigm towards one based on science, public health and human rights. Prior to returning to London for his PhD, John spent a year in New York and Washington D.C. working with the Drug Policy Alliance on issues related to U.S. domestic drug policy reform.

He is originally from Dublin, Ireland, where he obtained his BA in economics and political science from Trinity College Dublin. He then went on to earn his MSc in the history of empires from the LSE in 2009.

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