Author - Katherine Wall

Katherine Wall

Kat Wall is a recent graduate from the University of Oxford where she studied History and Politics. During her degree she took a particular interest in international relations and global justice. She now works as the journal manager for Global Policy. As an undergraduate and citizen of Oxford, Kat was involved in a range of local projects from gender equality initiatives to environmental campaigns and local government. On graduating, Kat was elected Vice President for Women of the Student Union in Oxford where she undertook extensive research and practical work concerned with rectifying the gender imbalances that are still very much part of modern society.

She has worked as a researcher for the liberal think tank Centre Forum on issues including immigration, financial regulation and globalisation. As an independent writer she is also working on a series of articles concerning human organisation: how humans have organised themselves historically and, given the challenges we face in the 21st century, the merits and demerits of the nation-state as vehicle for human development. A keen traveller, Kat has developed a love of exploring cultures and societies, particularly those she encountered backpacking across Russia in 2010.

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