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Scott McKenzie

Scott McKenzie has a Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Studies, Philosophy, and American Studies from the University of Kansas and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa. Currently, Scott works at the International Water Resources Association in Montpellier France.

Scott’s research and writing focuses how contending notions of scale and regulation affect water policy (within the water-energy-food nexus). His work considers the relationship between the natural environment, human development, and law.

His work has appeared in a number of publications including the Georgia State Law Review, the Indiana Journal of International and Comparative Law, the Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems journal, and a chapter in Controversies in Globalization: Contending Approaches to International Relations.

Previously, Scott has worked as a development agent for the United States Peace Corps in Morocco, in the Cairo office of the Near East Foundation, and as a private practice lawyer in New Orleans.

In his free time Scott enjoys cooking, bike riding, and watching his way though a very long queue of movies.

Contact Scott at scott.obrien.mckenzie (@) Twitter @scottmckenzie80

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