Information Privacy: Networks of Regulation at the Subglobal Level

Regulating personal information processing to protect privacy in the face of strong threats occurs at many jurisdictional levels. Recent efforts among data protection authorities (DPAs) have emphasised the need for transborder collaboration in enforcement and other tasks, and they have organised themselves to undertake this work. Network and group formation and activity among DPAs has increased at global and subglobal levels, aimed at concerting regulatory practices and principles as well as at developing institutionalised infrastructures for greater continuity and effectiveness. This article identifies and describes the many cross-cutting associations through which this activity takes place at the subglobal level as they interact with wider global efforts in this field, and briefly assesses the prospects for further development.

Global threats to information privacy should be mitigated by the further development of institutions and instruments for data protection at the global level.
Subglobal developments in data protection will remain important to this, in providing arenas for practical cooperation among data protection authorities, and should be encouraged.
Organisational development beyond current networks and groups at both global and subglobal levels will require permanent institutional machinery and resources.
The value of regulation beyond individual jurisdictional boundaries will depend on achievements more than on the further promulgation of resolutions and declarations, although the latter can be instrumental for the former.