Institute of Asia Pacific Studies

Institute of Asia Pacific-Studies (IAPS)

Founded by Professor Teddy Thomas in 1994, the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies (IAPs) has been the major center of the University of Nottingham for research and postgraduate teaching on the Asia-Pacific. The geographical focus of the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies is Northeast, Southeast, South and Central Asia and the countries of the Middle East.

The Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies is a University-level research center and currently affiliated with the School of Politics and International Relations. It brings together more than thirty full-time staff members, visiting scholars and students to foster Asian scholarship across disciplinary boundaries.

The mission of the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies is to promote advanced research in the humanities and social sciences, support and co-ordinate postgraduate teaching and enhance understanding of Asia-Pacific across the University of Nottingham and in a broader community.

Broad-based research programs characterize the development of the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies. Their inter-disciplinary and multi-national research interests and projects distinguish members and visiting scholars at the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies. These have included:

• Democratization in Asia
• Asian film festivals
• Chinese business
• Chinese Peacekeeping
• Japanese telecommunications reforms
• Migration Within and Beyond Asia
• Economic co-operation in Northeast Asia
• Human Security and Arms Control
• Comparative Analysis of European and Asian Responses to Terrorism

The Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies organizes an annual research seminar series on a wide range of topics and hosts international conferences. Recent highlights include conferences on War on Terror: Perspectives from Europe and Asia in 2007; Labour Struggles in Asia and the Diaspora in 2009 and a special roundtable event with a Chinese Delegation from Saferworld; Preventing the Proliferation of Conventional Arms and Promoting Human Security 2011. Please see the IAPS Facebook page for further details of previous and forthcoming events. IAPS members are also active contributors to the School of Politics and International Relations award winning blog, Ballots and Bullets.

The Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies enjoys a generous bequest from the late Sir Stanley and Lady Nancy Tomlinson. This has greatly facilitated the efforts of the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies to organise events, support research and teaching, promote publications and provide key resources for students and scholars with an interest in Asia-Pacific studies. The Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies promotes co-operation in research, teaching and resource development in collaboration with the China Policy Institute and the China and Malaysia campuses of the University of Nottingham.

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