Core Issues

Core Issues

The Future of Global Governance: Developing a Global Financial Safety Net?

Yunnan Chen and Cinnamon Dornsife explore the prospects for the future of global economic governance.

Can China and India Collaborate in Global Governance?

Kishore Mahbubani explores the prospects of a joint Chinese-Indian defence of globalisation

Emerging Global Governance (EGG): An Economist’s Perspective

Justin Lin and Wang Yan are the authors of the first commentary in the Emerging Global Governance (EGG) series. Their piece details the key shifts in the global economic landscape and comments on how the emergence of new institutions reflects the changing global economic reality.

The New Global Energy Governance

Ann Florini argues that agreements on climate and energy in 2015, and rapidly developing technologies, are creating opportunities that policymakers should seize.

Can Africa Truly Benefit from Global Economic Governance?

Garth le Pere explores Africa’s ongoing climb out of a peripheral global position and how the international community can work with it.