The November 2015 issue contains articles on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Jus ex Bello’, development progress, responsibility at the UN, and the movement of wealth. It also contains special sections on ‘Accountability in International Development Finance’ and ‘Sustainable Business in the Stakeholder Era’.
Vol 6, Issue 4, November 2015
Global Policy’s September 2015 issue contains, among others, articles on democracy and autonomous weapons, R2P as international policy, sustainable development and when foreign aid works.
Global Policy Vol 6, Issue 3, September 2015

What role do experts play in generating, disseminating, and legitimating knowledge about the possibilities of global trade to work for global development?

To answer to this question, Global Policy announces a new blog series, co-edited by Erin Hannah, James Scott, and Silke Trommer, that explores, assesses, and challenges the origins, power and effects of expert knowledge in the global trade regime. Posts will be serialised on GP over the coming weeks.

Global Policy and the Observer Research Foundation are pleased to announce a new free e-book: 'Transformations in West Asia: Regional Perspectives', edited by Kanchi Gupta. To find out more and download the free e-book for any e-reader or as a PDF click here.

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Mitu Sengupta assesses the process through which the SDGs were established and addresses five key questions relating to their scope, depth...

The Problems of Majority Rule Jac Heckelman - 09 Feb 2016

Majority rule is often considered to be a pillar of democratic decision-making. Yet there are several problems with relying on majority...

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