Global Policy’s September 2016 issue contains research articles on Accountability, Global Extinction, the WTO Rules, and Preventive Action in World Politics. It has special sections on ‘Civil Society, Humanitarianism and Nuclear Weapons’, and on ‘Evaluation, International Organizations, and Global Policy’.
Vol 7, Issue 3, September 2016
This free to access special issue of Global Policy explores the question of when and why societies are unable to handle systemic risks such as climate change and pandemics, and natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and asteroids.
Special Issue: Too Big to Handle - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Questio

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Book Review: Global Democratic Theory: A Critical Introduction Reviewed by Jonathan W. Kuyper - 27 Sep 2016

Global Democratic Theory: A Critical Introduction by Daniel Bray and Steven Slaughter. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2015. 272 pp, £55...

Welcoming Refugees despite the State Bue Rübner Hansen and Cameron Thibos - 26 Sep 2016

In this interview, Bue Rübner Hansen and Cameron Thibos explore how cities and activists across Europe are fighting their national...

The US is more likely to Impose Sanctions on Countries that have Poor Allies Timothy M. Peterson - 26 Sep 2016

For decades, the US has used sanctions against countries and regimes where they seek to encourage change. But what determines whether or...

Why the World Bank needs to ask Jim Kim some tough questions in his Job Interview Nadia Daar - 23 Sep 2016

Nadia Daar argues that Jim Kim’s upcoming interview for the position of World Bank President should be an opportunity rather than...

My Child is an Anarchist, a Feminist, a Communist Veronica Barassi - 22 Sep 2016

Veronica Barassi explores digital parenthood and the everyday construction of children’s digital profiles. She argues that...

Interview – Tine de Moor Interviewed by Tom Cassauwers - 22 Sep 2016

Tine De Moor is an historian whose research focuses on the commons and what she calls ‘Institutions for Collective Action’. Her...

The global economic crisis has shown once again why even the largest nations need global cooperation to formulate policy. The world is ready for ‘Global Policy.’

Kemal Dervis