This special issue, 'Health Care Policy, Resource Allocation and Financial Sustainability', aims to foster dialogue on the current state of health-care financing. It includes contributions from academic experts, health-care practitioners, and members of the broader stakeholder community.
Special Issue: Health Care Policy, Resource Allocation and Financial Sustainabil
Critical Perspectives on Human Mobility in Times of Crisis - This special issue looks at the ruptures, oppositions and insecurities in Western/Northern perspectives on human mobility and the West's claim to be a norm entrepreneur for rule of law, freedom and prosperity.
Special Issue: Critical Perspectives on Human Mobility in Times of Crisis

Urbanisation creates as many opportunities for societies as it does a gamut of challenges. Part of the GP-ORF free e-book series, 'Smart Cities Movement in BRICS', edited by Rumi Aijaz, documents the experiences of BRICS trying to make their cities smart and liveable. Please click the image to download the e-book.

The Global Policy Summer School 2017, 'Global Inequality and Development', is a five-day intensive short-course that brings together the latest thinking with innovative practice. The course is led by some of the world's leading researchers and practitioners in the field. Please click here to find out more about the programme.

The GLI Sheffield Team at the Creative Commons summit in Toronto! Leila Eddakille - 27 Apr 2017

This week the Creative Commons Global Summit takes place in Toronto, Canada. Eight students from the University of Sheffield are working as...

Book Review: Before and After Gender: Sexual Mythologies of Everyday Life by Marilyn Strathern Reviewed by Mari Valdur - 27 Apr 2017

Written in the early 1970s by renowned anthropologist Marilyn Strathern, the manuscript for Before and After Gender: Sexual Mythologies of...

GCC States and Social Media Disruption in an Era of Transition Alanoud Al-Sharekh - 27 Apr 2017

This is a chapter from the e-book 'The Future of the Middle East' co-produced by Global Policy and Arab Digest, and edited by Hugh...

How can we Create an Ethical Framework for Journalism in an Age of Terror? Dylan Brethour - 26 Apr 2017

The issue, as always, is where to draw the line between public safety and public knowledge. A new book argues that it’s the job of...

Obama and the “Under-Reach/Over-Reach” Dilemma in American Grand Strategy Michael Clarke - 25 Apr 2017

Michael Clarke examines Obama's foreign policy legacy and Trump's grand strategy dilemma. Over the course of the tenure of...

Future Challenges of Data Governance and Implications for Japan: An Interview With GGF 2027 Fellow Reirui Ri Joel Sandhu - 25 Apr 2017

This interview was conducted by Joel Sandhu for the Global Governance Futures – Robert Bosch Foundation Multilateral Dialogues, which...

The global economic crisis has shown once again why even the largest nations need global cooperation to formulate policy. The world is ready for ‘Global Policy.’

Kemal Dervis