Global Policy’s May 2015 edition contains, among others, articles on measuring the post-2015 development agenda, energy governance, climate change research, the EU, green shipping and holistic justice.
Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2015
The February 2015 edition of Global Policy contains, among others, articles on gridlock and accountability within international organisations, financing for international development, and initiatives for global climate governance.
Vol 6, Issue 1, February 2015

Global Policy is pleased to announce the release of a joint publication with the Observer Research Foundation; ‘Eradicating TB in India: Challenges, Perspectives and Solutions’, edited by Harsh Sethi.

It features articles outlining the multifaceted nature of India's tuberculosis epidemic, its impact on communities, learnings from global successes and the way forward towards tackling the disease successfully.

Global Policy has partnered with the Oval Observer Foundation to launch a food security campaign exploring the challenges faced by emerging economies in addressing malnourishment and undernourishment. The first output of this collaboration is four new Global Policy Snapshots:

Why Discrimination is Bad for Business Margareta Drzeniek Hanouz - 24 Apr 2015

World Economic Forum's Margareta Drzeniek Hanouz discusses why gender discrimination is bad for business competitiveness and growth....

In Good Faith? Reconsidering the Impact of Religion on Negotiated Settlements Jason Klocek - 24 Apr 2015

A commonly held assumption among scholars is that religiously motivated insurgencies are more intractable than other types of conflict....

A More Global Connectedness Andrés Ortega - 23 Apr 2015

Andrés Ortega examines the post-crisis level of globalization and its major trends through the DHL Global Connectedness Index, based on 12...

A Safer Chicago? We've Already Got One Karl T. Muth - 23 Apr 2015

Karl Muth explores how we should approach the long term trends in violence in Chicago. I was recently about to fly to Chicago when a friend...

Measuring Global Transparency by Data Openness: Research on a New Ranking Method Joanna Penn and John Wihbey - 23 Apr 2015

The World Wide Web foundation has issued a new Open Data Barometer that ranks countries according to their level of transparency, quality...

Cancer Care for the Developing World Lawrence N. Shulman - 22 Apr 2015

Lawrence Shulman, chief of staff and director of the Center for Global Cancer Medicine at Harvard, analyses how different cancer treatments...

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Anne-Marie Slaughter