This special issue of Global Policy, guest edited by Helmut K. Anheier and Robert Falkner, brings together contributions from the Dahrendorf Symposium 2016 ‘Europe and the World – Global Insecurity & Power Shifts’ held in Berlin in May 2016.
Special Issue: Europe and the World: Global Insecurity and Power Shifts
This Global Policy Special Issue on public and private protections of labor and social standards in the global economy, edited by Luc Fransen and Brian Burgoon, explores whether public and private regulations of such standards develop in harmony or tension with one another.
Special Issue: Public and Private Labor Standards Policy in the Global Economy

This weekend the 12th G20 summit will place in Hamburg, Germany. Staff and students attending the summit are working as policy analysts with Sheffield University's Global Learning Opportunities in the Social Sciences (GLOSS) initiative. Catch up with all their blogs and papers here.


Catch up with the serialisation of Global Policy’s next e-book, ‘The Future of the Middle East’. Produced in collaboration with the Arab Digest and guest edited by Hugh Miles and Alastair Newton, it examines the breakdown of the region’s old order and what may come next. Click here to read the free chapters.

Who’s Afraid of a Changing World Order? Danny Quah - 20 Jul 2017

Danny Quah turns to economic reasoning to explore fears of the changing world order. There is, of course, an obvious answer to the question...

UN Under Siege: Geopolitics in the Time of Trump Richard Falk - 20 Jul 2017

 Richard Falk explores how recent waves of populist nationalism have affected the UN. A Point of DepartureWhen Donald Trump...

Euroscepticism has Taken Hold Across the EU – but it has Many Different Roots Simona Guerra - 19 Jul 2017

Euroscepticism – defined as outright or defined opposition to the European project – is becoming a mainstream, contested...

Hong Kong, the AIIB, and the Evolving Geography of Finance: A World Financial Center in the Making? Gregory T. Chin - 19 Jul 2017

Gregory T. Chin explores Hong Kong’s lobbying for a special role in the AIIB and in the Belt & Road strategy, the number of...

Why Norway is Now the World's Happiest Country Patricia Reaney - 18 Jul 2017

Patricia Reaney explores the World Happiness Report 2017. Norway displaced Denmark as the world's happiest country in a new report...

Book Review - The Euro: How a Common Currency Threatens the Future of Europe Hamza Preljević - 18 Jul 2017

The Euro: How a Common Currency Threatens the Future of Europe by Joseph E. Stiglitz. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2016. 416 pp, $...

I think that this initiative gives a fresh, helpful and innovative way of looking at the current global world. Bringing together the analysis of academics and the expertise of practitioners is needed today more than ever.

Narcis Serra