This special issue of Global Policy, guest edited by Helmut K. Anheier and Robert Falkner, brings together contributions from the Dahrendorf Symposium 2016 ‘Europe and the World – Global Insecurity & Power Shifts’ held in Berlin in May 2016.
Special Issue: Europe and the World: Global Insecurity and Power Shifts
This Global Policy Special Issue on public and private protections of labor and social standards in the global economy, edited by Luc Fransen and Brian Burgoon, explores whether public and private regulations of such standards develop in harmony or tension with one another.
Special Issue: Public and Private Labor Standards Policy in the Global Economy

Writing for the Emerging Global Governance project, Kishore Mahbubani argues that until recently, China and India were widely perceived to be naysayers in the global governance system, but now we must explore the prospects of a joint Chinese-Indian defence of globalisation. To read the piece please click here.


Catch up with the serialisation of Global Policy’s next e-book, ‘The Future of the Middle East’. Produced in collaboration with the Arab Digest and guest edited by Hugh Miles and Alastair Newton, it examines the breakdown of the region’s old order and what may come next. Click here to read the free chapters.

America's Selfie in the Age of Trump llan Manor - 17 Aug 2017

llan Manor explores America's changing use of social media under Trump. For over a decade the State Department has relied on social...

Book Review - Child Soldiers in the Western Imagination: From Patriots to Victims Reviewed by Kai Chen - 17 Aug 2017

Child Soldiers in the Western Imagination: From Patriots to Victims by David M. Rosen. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2015....

Political Remittances and Political Transnationalism: Narratives, Political Practices and the Role of the State Emma Chippendale - 16 Aug 2017

Emma Chippendale explores a recent conference on Political Remittances and Political Transnationalism: Narratives, Political Practices...

Critical Voices in Critical Times: The Partition of India – Lessons Learned, an interview with Rajmohan Gandhi Linda Herrera - 16 Aug 2017

Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi distills the vital lessons from the past, the complicated legacy of independence and partition...

Book Review: Unlikely Partners: Chinese Reformers, Western Economists and the Making of Global China Yao Han - 15 Aug 2017

In Unlikely Partners: Chinese Reformers, Western Economists and the Making of Global China, Julian Gewirtz documents the interactions...

English Language and American Solipsism Branko Milanovic - 15 Aug 2017

Branko Milanovic explores attitudes to the global hegemony of the English language.  Several months ago Simon Kuper published ...

I and many other observers see the world changing dramatically around us - from technology, from geopolitics, from economic and financial turbulence, from the rise of the rest. We figure the best global thinking needs to be joined up across fields. Yet others might still disagree on both hypotheses. Regardless, Global Policy is the right journal for our times, and what will emerge from its pages will inform debate of global significance.

Danny Quah