Edited by David Held and Robert Schütze, this special issue of Global Policy brings together a group of scholars to discuss and assess the extent to which democracy can crystallise beyond the nation state, and whether such developments are, in principle, desirable.
Special Issue: Democracy Beyond Border
Global Policy’s September 2017 issue contains, among others, research articles on the BRICS’ new development bank, the G20 and climate change, the human right to health, and digital diplomacy. It has a special section on ‘Policy Instruments for Innovation, Investment and Global Trade’
Vol 8, Issue 3, September 2017


New free GP e-book out now: The Future of the Middle East edited by Hugh Miles and Alastair Newton. It brings together representatives from various opposition Islamist movements - potential leaders of the Arab world tomorrow - and Western experts to offer their views on where they think the Middle East is heading and what Western policy should be. Click here for more.

At the Group of Twenty Leaders Summits (“G20”) and its affinity groups, like the Business 20, Youth 20, and Women 20, we are seeing the emergence of new groupings of international multi-stakeholder action that are forcing the powers-that-be to acknowledge and act upon the wishes of real people. Keith Porter argues that the world needs more of this. Click here to read.

Women Mediating Peace Talks: A Long Road to Parity Stephenie Foster - 17 Nov 2017

Stephenie Foster reports form a recent meeting at Durham university on increasing the number of women high-level mediators. Last week, I...

Let’s talk about Neo-Colonialism in Africa Mark Langan - 16 Nov 2017

In this article, Mark Langan of Newcastle University re-engages the concept of ‘neo-colonialism’ to make sense of the ongoing...

The Age of Personalized Diplomacy Ilan Manor - 16 Nov 2017

Ilan Manor explores the rise and constraints to digital diplomacy. Recent years have seen the mass migration of foreign ministries,...

Nuclear Policy Remains a Strategic Decision, Despite Tactical Tail-Twisting on Twitter Ben O’Loughlin - 14 Nov 2017

Despite fears a war of words on Twitter could trigger nuclear annihilation, a brief look at nuclear policy and social media shows Twitter...

Subnational Climate Finance: Filling the Gap Alex Clark - 14 Nov 2017

Cities, states, provinces, and other subnational governments are taking a leadership role in fighting climate change. But how will they pay...

Green Finance? Why Global Banks are Pledging Billions to Fight Climate Change Simon Wilde - 13 Nov 2017

Simon Wilde explores recent moves by large global banks to tackle climate change.  Banking giant HSBC has pledged US$100...

Global Policy is an exciting new journal and it promises to provide a vital forum for the world's best minds to reflect on challenges and opportunities in our global age.

John Ikenberry