GP's November 2017 issue contains, among others, research articles on Chinese global leadership, resource nationalism and international tax cooperation. It also has two special sections: ‘Combating Slavery, Forced Labour and Human Trafficking’ and ‘Recursivity in Transnational Governance’. 
Vol 8, Issue 4, November 2017
Edited by David Held and Robert Schütze, this special issue of Global Policy brings together a group of scholars to discuss and assess the extent to which democracy can crystallise beyond the nation state, and whether such developments are, in principle, desirable.
Special Issue: Democracy Beyond Border

New free GP e-book out now: The Future of the Middle East edited by Hugh Miles and Alastair Newton. It brings together representatives from various opposition Islamist movements - potential leaders of the Arab world tomorrow - and Western experts to offer their views on where they think the Middle East is heading and what Western policy should be. Click here for more.

Claudia Juech, founding Executive Director of the Cloudera Foundation, examines what is causing the shrinking space for civil society globally and what can be done about it. Her analysis offers five responses that could enable civil society organisations to continue their vital work. Click here to read.

Book Review - ‘Framing the EU Global Strategy’ Mary Kaldor - 15 Dec 2017

In this post Mary Kaldor reviews Nathalie Tocci’s book: Framing the EU Global Strategy: A Stronger Europe in a Fragile...

Bored during the Christmas Break? Get Creative with Science Charlene Jennett and Anna L Cox - 15 Dec 2017

Charlene Jennett and Anna L Cox explore the benifits of citizens' science projects.  On Christmas Day in 1900, the ornithologist...

Assessing the trajectory of West-Russia relations in Eastern Europe: Gauging three potential scenarios Nicholas Ross Smith - 14 Dec 2017

The Ukraine crisis and the subsequent cooling of West-Russia relations has elicited a number of popular arguments as to the trajectory of...

Book Review - Post-Western World: How Emerging Powers are Remaking Global Order Reviewed by Paolo Pizzolo and Manfredi Valeriani - 13 Dec 2017

Post-Western World: How Emerging Powers are Remaking Global Order by Oliver Stuenkel. Cambridge and Malden: Polity 2016. 180 pp., £50...

Universities, Academics and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Graham Long - 13 Dec 2017

Graham Long explores the preliminary findings of research on the role academics see for themselves in realising the SDGs....

Film Review: The Spider’s Web – Britain’s Second Empire Joel Benjamin - 12 Dec 2017

On 1 December I attended SOAS University for a screening of the film ‘The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire’,...

I think that this initiative gives a fresh, helpful and innovative way of looking at the current global world. Bringing together the analysis of academics and the expertise of practitioners is needed today more than ever.

Narcis Serra