This free to access special issue of Global Policy explores the question of when and why societies are unable to handle systemic risks such as climate change and pandemics, and natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and asteroids.
Special Issue: Too Big to Handle - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Questio
Global Policy’s May 2016 issue contains, among others, research articles on ethics in warzones, human security, peace agreements, military expenditure and democracy promotion in fragile states. It has a special section on ‘Law and Negotiation in Conflict: Theory, Policy and Practice’, edited by Catherine Turner.
Global Policy Vol 7, Issue 2, May 2016

In the first of a new periodic feature, Global Policy Board Member Robert Falkner highlights David Shambaugh’s ‘China’s Future?’, calling it ‘an excellent guide to the options that the Chinese leadership faces, even if the current drift into deeper authoritarianism seems unavoidable’.

The Global Leadership Initiative at the University of Sheffield have taken a team of policy analysts to the G7 Leaders Summit, Ise-Shima, Japan. They will be posting blogs, opinion pieces and policy briefings on Global Policy in 'realtime' from the summit. Please see here to stay abreast.

Is the UN about to agree a New Deal for Refugees and Migrants? Josephine Liebl - 25 Aug 2016

Josephine Liebl, Oxfam’s global policy lead on displacement, looks ahead to the UN Summit in New York in September – and...

The Importance of the Chilcot Report for International Relations Scholars Piers Robinson - 24 Aug 2016

Piers Robinson outlines a post Chilcot Report research agenda. The Chilcot Report has delivered severe criticisms of the way in which the...

Five Minutes with Professor Gary King: Transformational power of Big Data Lies, Pure and Simple, in its Analytics Michael Todd - 24 Aug 2016

Michael Todd listened to a recent lecture by Gary King on the big data revolution in the social sciences. Professor King...

Whose morality? Johann Hari on the future of the ‘war on drugs’ Johann Hari and Benjamin Ramm - 22 Aug 2016

Johann Hari and Benjamin Ramm in conversation for OpenDemocracy's series on 'The Human Cost of Global Drug Policy'. Benjamin...

COP21 and the Paris Agreement: Change and Status Quo Ayse Kaya and Anita Desai - 22 Aug 2016

This essay examines the latest inter-state negotiations on climate change at COP-21 and argues that the Paris Agreement should be seen as...

Rio Reaction: Sport, Money and Policy in a Globalised World Brian Stoddart - 22 Aug 2016

In light of the Olympics, Brian Stoddart explores the arguments for state funding of athletes. As International Olympic Committee...

I and many other observers see the world changing dramatically around us - from technology, from geopolitics, from economic and financial turbulence, from the rise of the rest. We figure the best global thinking needs to be joined up across fields. Yet others might still disagree on both hypotheses. Regardless, Global Policy is the right journal for our times, and what will emerge from its pages will inform debate of global significance.

Danny Quah