The February 2017 issue contains, among others, research articles on powerful non-political leaders, climate change, civil society consultations, and collective security between Russia and the West. It also has a special section on 'Regional Challenges to Global Governance', co-produced with the CFR.
Global Policy Vol 8, Issue 1, February 2017
Global Policy’s November 2016 issue contains research articles on the Digital Revolution, the Green Economy, the BRICS, and China's place in global governance. It has a special section entitled ‘The Global Diffusion of Policies, Practices and Values: Democracies and Autocracies Compared’.
Vol 7, Issue 4, November 2016

Urbanisation creates as many opportunities for societies as it does a gamut of challenges. Part of the GP-ORF free e-book series, 'Smart Cities Movement in BRICS', edited by Rumi Aijaz, documents the experiences of BRICS trying to make their cities smart and liveable. Please click the image to download the e-book.

The Global Policy Summer School 2017, 'Global Inequality and Development', is a five-day intensive short-course that brings together the latest thinking with innovative practice. The course is led by some of the world's leading researchers and practitioners in the field. Please click here to find out more about the programme.

The Latest Leveraging Phenomenon Dave Anderson - 28 Mar 2017

Dave Anderson explores what we mean when we talk of 'leveraging'. Leveraging has emerged as the dominant method individuals,...

On Populism, Nationalism, Babies and Bathwater Duncan Green - 28 Mar 2017

Ducan Green shares some thoughts on recent discussions over how the aid sector should repond to the rising tide of nationalism, populism,...

The Changing Fortunes of Saudi Arabia Nick Stadtmiller - 27 Mar 2017

Nick Stadtmiller argues that Saudi Arabia's underlying social contract will soon need to be renegotiated. This is a chapter from the e-...

Tehran starts to Grasp the EU’s Value in the Face of Trump Cornelius Adebahr - 27 Mar 2017

Cornelius Adebahr explores why the EU-Iran relationship cannot prosper if the Iran-US relationship deteriorates. While the streets of the...

Book Review - Citizens’ Wealth: Why (and How) Sovereign Funds Should be Managed by the People for the People Reviewed by Sandra Tzvetkova - 24 Mar 2017

Citizens’ Wealth: Why (and How) Sovereign Funds Should be Managed by the People for the People by Angela Cummine. New Haven and...

The Future of Europe Remains Uncertain. Here's What we Know Dani Rodrik - 24 Mar 2017

Global Policy's General Editor Dani Rodrik discusses options for the future of Europe. This month the European Union will celebrate the...

Global Policy is an exciting new journal and it promises to provide a vital forum for the world's best minds to reflect on challenges and opportunities in our global age.

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