Global Policy’s November 2016 issue contains research articles on the Digital Revolution, the Green Economy, the BRICS, and China's place in global governance. It has a special section entitled ‘The Global Diffusion of Policies, Practices and Values: Democracies and Autocracies Compared’,
Vol 7, Issue 4, November 2016
Global Policy’s September 2016 issue contains research articles on Accountability, Global Extinction, the WTO Rules, and Preventive Action in World Politics. It has special sections on ‘Civil Society, Humanitarianism and Nuclear Weapons’, and on ‘Evaluation, International Organizations, and Global Policy’.
Vol 7, Issue 3, September 2016

The first chapter in a new free serialised e-book 'The Future of the Middle East' co-produced by Global Policy and Arab Digest, and edited by Hugh Miles and Alastair Newton is out now. Author Andrew Hammond explores the continuities and new developments in representations of Islam, politics and violence in the Middle East. Please check back regularly for the latest chapters.

The essays in this book were all written by David Held under the shadow of 9/11 and the calamitous wars fought afterwards. We are at a crossroads. One road points to authoritarianism, while another opens up a more hopeful cosmopolitan future. The path to authoritarianism could be created by the dangerous drift in the world order, and a search for decisive solutions from ‘strong man’ leaders. But, as the volume argues, there are alternatives.

Donald Trump and the Return of Class: An Interview with Francis Fukuyama Francis Fukuyama and Natalia Koulinka - 20 Jan 2017

“What is happening in the politics of the US particularly, but also in other countries, is that identity in a form of nationality or...

Davos leaders: We might be Heading for a Jobless World, but that’s Not as Bad as it Sounds Stéphanie Thomson - 20 Jan 2017

As we move towards a jobless world, Davos participants give their views on what it may mean for our wellbeing and our identities. “...

Making Revolution Islamic Again: Protest and Rebellion from '79 Iran to the Arab Spring Andrew Hammond - 18 Jan 2017

Andrew Hammond explores the continuities and new developments in representations of Islam, politics and violence in the Middle East. This...

Poor Countries Have the Edge on Climate Innovation Anita Makri - 17 Jan 2017

Climate technologies have great potential to substantially contribute to our impact on Climate. This puts the developing world in at the...

Who killed Bourgeois Democracy in Europe? Dimitris Dalakoglou and Antonis Alexandrides - 17 Jan 2017

When a system calls itself democracy, but forces increasing parts of the demos (people) to live under poverty, its own central concept...

Head and Heart: Are More Generous Donors Less Effective? Owen Barder, Petra Krylová and Theodore Talbot - 16 Jan 2017

A reflection upont the importance of both quantity and quality of international aid.  When it comes to development aid, you might...

I and many other observers see the world changing dramatically around us - from technology, from geopolitics, from economic and financial turbulence, from the rise of the rest. We figure the best global thinking needs to be joined up across fields. Yet others might still disagree on both hypotheses. Regardless, Global Policy is the right journal for our times, and what will emerge from its pages will inform debate of global significance.

Danny Quah