Global Policy’s September 2016 issue contains research articles on Accountability, Global Extinction, the WTO Rules, and Preventive Action in World Politics. It has special sections on ‘Civil Society, Humanitarianism and Nuclear Weapons’, and on ‘Evaluation, International Organizations, and Global Policy’.
Vol 7, Issue 3, September 2016
This free to access special issue of Global Policy explores the question of when and why societies are unable to handle systemic risks such as climate change and pandemics, and natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and asteroids.
Special Issue: Too Big to Handle - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Questio

This week the UN Habitat III Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development is underway in Quito, Ecuador. Eight students from the University of Sheffield will be working as policy analysts with Sheffield’s Global Learning Opportunities in the Social Sciences (GLOSS) initiative. To stay abreast of their outputs please click here.

Call For Abstracts, Fully-funded Research Workshop, March 22-24th 2017. This workshop aims to bring around 20 scholars together in order to foster a deeper analytical understanding of the linkages between different elements of the climate regime, and to distill the broader lessons for climate policymaking. For more information please click here.

Cities and Corruption: The Elephant in the Room Blocking the Way Towards Inclusive Cities Aidan Kidder - 21 Oct 2016

At Habitat III there has been much talk about empowering local governments so that they can play a more developmental role towards creating...

Building Resilient Environments at all Levels Jose Roberto Lagunes Trejo - 21 Oct 2016

It is clear that the New Urban Agenda (NUA) sets ambitious goals regarding environmental sustainability and resilience, acknowledging them...

Better Together: The Changing Face of Humanitarian Relief Programs Lydia Darby - 21 Oct 2016

Humanitarian relief projects now require co-operation between a broader range of actors to deliver both immediate aid and long term...

Talking Migration and Refugees at Habitat III – What is Missing? Cara Mazetti Classen - 21 Oct 2016

“We cannot talk about cities without talking about migrants and we cannot talk about migrants without talking about cities”...

Integration of Informal Settlements in Urban Areas – Messages from Habitat III Amartya Deb - 20 Oct 2016

Amartya Deb explores the prospect of greater collaboration between governments and local communities for improving informal settlements....

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: The Importance of Disaster-Risk Reduction Strategies Lydia Darby - 20 Oct 2016

“This is the single most important event at Habitat III”, says the panellist at the Cities, Climate Change and Disaster Risk...

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