Global Policy’s May 2015 edition contains, among others, articles on measuring the post-2015 development agenda, energy governance, climate change research, the EU, green shipping and holistic justice.
Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2015
The February 2015 edition of Global Policy contains, among others, articles on gridlock and accountability within international organisations, financing for international development, and initiatives for global climate governance.
Vol 6, Issue 1, February 2015

Global Policy, in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers, is pleased to announce the release of its third e-book: 'The Future of Foreign Trade Support: Setting Global Standards for Export Credit and Political Risk Insurance'.

Its thirty eight contributions explore how export credit agencies and new regulations regarding ethics, human rights and the environment may impact the global economy in the coming years.

Global Policy and the Observer Research Foundation are pleased to announce the release of a second joint publication; ‘India’s Urbanisation Experiences’, authored by Rumi Aijaz.

Reviewing five aspects of responsible and sustainable urbanisation, the free e-book provides information on key challenges facing urban India, and directions the country could take to absorb and manage future growth.

Flip It: Ex Post Scholarships Karl T. Muth - 21 May 2015

Karl Muth with a suggestion to invert thinking on how we choose and award academic scholarships in an increasingly competitive education...

Focus on Private Sector: Why Fair Trade may Never Work Maha Rafi Atal - 21 May 2015

The true goal of ethical consumption efforts was to convince businesses to behave ethically, for example by paying fair wages or using...

Human Trafficking and the “New Slavery”: Definitions, Enforcement, Understanding Pooja Gupta - 19 May 2015

Human trafficking is a pervasive problem all over the world. However, there is a difficulty in identifying and processing cases of human...

The Data Revolution: Finding the Missing Millions Elizabeth Stuart, Emma Samman, William Avis and Tom Berliner - 19 May 2015

The importance of Data for development: good quality, relevant and accessible data will allow willing governments to foster development in...

Post-2015 Targets for Non-communicable Diseases can avoid Millions of Deaths The Copenhagen Consensus Centers Post 2015 Consensus - 18 May 2015

In rich countries, the biggest causes of death are strokes, heart attacks and cancer, accounting for more than two-thirds of all deaths....

Transhumanism and War Nayef Al-Rodhan - 18 May 2015

Nayef Al-Rodhan explores the implications of the development and acquisition of human enhancement technologies for military purposes. Human...

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