There is agreement across the various contributions to this Global Policy special issue, guest edited by Helmut K. Anheier, that the state of democratic systems has deteriorated – not only in Europe but also in the United States.
Special Issue: Changing the European Debate: A Rollback of Democracy
Global Policy’s May 2015 edition contains, among others, articles on measuring the post-2015 development agenda, energy governance, climate change research, the EU, green shipping and holistic justice.
Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2015

Global Policy is pleased to announce the release of an e-book with the Observer Research Foundation: 'Iran Nuclear Deal: Implications of the Framework Agreement', edited by Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan and Arka Biswas.

In the wake of intense scrutiny from the international community, this volume consists of nine chapters that deal with various aspects of the Iranian nuclear agreement reached on 2 April 2015.

Global Policy are pleased to present six post-summit analyses from the Global Leadership Initiative's team that were on the ground in Garmisch Partenkirchen.

In each case, the team members stress the need for tangible global leadership at these summits and provide analysis examining how this is being advanced or diminished with regards to women, health, Japan, sustainable development, climate change and Ukraine.

Security, Power, and Digital Privacy Thomas N. Cooke - 30 Jun 2015

What is the relationship between security, power and digital privacy? Dissent, a new project of research at Yale University explores the...

Five Policy Areas to Support Sustainable Urban Development and Human Well-being Sylvia Szabo and Rituparna Hajra - 30 Jun 2015

Sylvia Szabo and Rituparna Hajra offer a number of policy options for supporting sustainable urban development and human well-being....

Book Review: Ruling Capital: Emerging Markets and the Reregulation of Cross-Border Finance Reviewed by Carter Page - 30 Jun 2015

Ruling Capital: Emerging Markets and the Reregulation of Cross-Border Finance by Kevin P. Gallagher. Ithaca & London: Cornell...

Talent versus Capital in the 21st century Klaus Schwab - 29 Jun 2015

in attempting to promote economic growth, policymakers often focus on capital. Klaus Schwab, instead, claims that policymakers should focus...

How does Gender Change the Way we Think about Power? Duncan Green - 29 Jun 2015

Duncan Green discusses the importance that politics and power play when discussing gender, and highlight the fact that development studies...

Book Review: Transnational Climate Change Governance Reviewed by Miriam Matejova - 26 Jun 2015

Transnational Climate Change Governance by Harriet Bulkeley, Liliana B. Andonova, Michele M. Betsill, Daniel Compagnon, Thomas Hale,...

The need for a high-quality, multi-disciplinary journal focusing on problems of global policy has never been greater. This new journal promises to fill a very important lacuna in our intellectual landscape.

Dani Rodrik