Global Policy's February 2014 issue contains special sections on Geotechnology in the 21st Century and Globalising Climate Justice. Survey articles focus on bottom up approaches to and capital controls for development.
Vol 5, Issue 1, February 2014
Alongside research articles, the November 2013 edition of Global Policy contains two special sections on ‘International Animal Protection’ and 'Globalising Justice: A Multidimensional Approach'.
Vol 4, Issue 4, November 2013

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Synthetic biology - what to expect and fear? Nayef Al-Rodhan - 23 Apr 2014

Nayef Al-Rodhan discusses the potentials and pitfalls of the ability to create new lifeforms. Interactions between life sciences and...

After Afghanistan: A Return to UN Peacekeeping? Peter Nadin - 23 Apr 2014

Peter Nadin discusses the issues revolving around Western countries' contribution to UN peacekeeping.  In early 1993, many Western...

Wake Up Obama; The Party's Started Karl T. Muth - 22 Apr 2014

Karl Muth calls on Obama to make more of the positive signals coming from the American economy. When will Obama realise he's a boom...

What's the added value of bringing together projects on the same issue in lots of countries? Duncan Green - 22 Apr 2014

Using the example of the Raising her Voice campaign, Duncan Green looks at the advantages of a more collective approach to dealing with...

The World Bank's Waste of Energy Janet Redman - 21 Apr 2014

Janet Redman argues that it is irresponsible of the World Bank to spend development dollars on building carbon trading infrastructure in...

How risky is it? Rationalising the feeling of risk Brett Cherry - 21 Apr 2014

Brett Cherry explores how we build the models that guide our responses to risk. Sometimes the risks that receive the most attention in...

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