Global Policy's September 2014 issue contains a special section on ‘Development Banks of the Developing World’, and articles o income inequality, tax havens, immigration policies and cities as global actors.
Vol 5, Issue 3, September 2014
Global Policy's May 2014 issue contains a special section on global civil society’s role in arms and trade controls, and articles on activism, justice, development banks and capital for Startups.
Vol 5, Issue 2, May 2014

Global Policy’s second E-book ‘Intervention in the 21st Century: Legality, Feasibility and Legitimacy’ – edited by David Held and Kyle McNally will shortly be complete.

It brings together a group of world-class academics and practitioners, including Thomas Risse, Anne-Marie Slaughter and Paul Rogers, to comment on and debate interventions from a range of perspectives. To catch up on the published chapters for free please click here.

Global Policy is proud to announce the release of its first e-book - 'The Donors’ Dilemma: Emergence, Convergence and the Future of Foreign Aid' - Guest Edited by Andy Sumner and Tom Kirk

 As poverty declines, it asks what if the remaining pockets of poverty are increasingly focused in countries where aid is already on the way to becoming irrelevant as domestic resources grow? Download the full e-book here.

Book Review: Nationalism and the Rule of Law: Lessons from the Balkans and Beyond Reviewed by Patrice C. McMahon - 30 Sep 2014

Nationalism and the Rule of Law: Lessons from the Balkans and Beyond by Iavor Rangelov. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2014. 224 pp...

A Geopolitical Pawn Named ‘ISIS’ Abukar Arman - 30 Sep 2014

Abukar Arman explores the transnational group and how global actors are mustering to take in on. The mere mention of the name ISIS (Islamic...

Global Internet Governance: India's Search for a New Paradigm Mahima Kaul - 30 Sep 2014

The Observer Research Foundation’s Mahima Kaul unpacks India’s approach to internet global governance. Governments around the...

Dear America, Avoid a Second Convention Karl T. Muth - 29 Sep 2014

Karl Muth explores calls for a Second Constitutional Convention of the United States. America is not in a Constitutional crisis. However,...

Higher Education: A Key Development Need for Refugees Ayla Bonfiglio - 26 Sep 2014

Ayla Bonfiglio explains why higher education is important for refugees and why such provisions deserve greater political and academic...

National Security & Economic Diplomacy: Is there Room for Trade Litigation? Rachit Ranjan - 26 Sep 2014

Rachit Ranjan argues that justifying ongoing sanctions using Article XXI of the GATT would be antithetical to the raison d’etreof a...

The global economic crisis has shown once again why even the largest nations need global cooperation to formulate policy. The world is ready for ‘Global Policy.’

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