Vol 7, Issue 1, February 2016

Global Policy’s February 2016 issue contains, among others, research articles on constitutionalizing austerity, thinking beyond GDP, China’s labour standards and natural disasters. It has a special section on ‘Governing Cyberspace: Building Confidence, Capacity and Consensus’, edited by Sash Jayawardane, Jorisk Larik and Mahima Kaul. It also features a debate over current climate proposals, and practitioner commentaries on stateless persons and the EU’s arctic strategy.

Research Articles

Stephen McBride - Constitutionalizing Austerity: Taking the Public out of Public Policy

Lorenzo Fioramonti - A Post-GDP World? Rethinking International Politics in the 21st Century

Alex Cobham, Lukas Schlögl and Andy Sumner - Inequality and the Tails: the Palma Proposition and Ratio

Edward Whitfield - China and the Great Doubling: Racing to the Top or Bottom of Global Labour Standards?

Astrid T. Sinnes and Christoffer C. Eriksen - Education for Sustainable Development and International Student Assessments: Governing Education in Times of Climate Change

Ilan Noy - A Global Comprehensive Measure of the Impact of Natural Hazards and Disasters

Special Section - Governing Cyberspace: Building Confidence, Capacity and Consensus, edited by Sash Jayawardane, Joris Larik and Mahima Kaul

Sash Jayawardane, Joris Larik and Mahima Kaul - Governing Cyberspace: Building Confidence, Capacity and Consensus

Chelsey Slack - Wired yet Disconnected: The Governance of International Cyber Relations

Mark T. Fliegauf - In Cyber (Governance) We Trust

Patryk Pawlak - Capacity Building in Cyberspace as an Instrument of Foreign Policy

Samir Saran - Striving for an International Consensus on Cyber Security: Lessons from the 20th Century

Survey Articles

Ian Hurd - Enchanted and Disenchanted International Law

Sangjung Ha, Thomas Hale and Peter Ogden - Climate Finance in and between Developing Countries: An Emerging Opportunity to Build On

Bjorn Lomborg - Impact of Current Climate Proposals

Practitioner Commentaries

Vicente Lopez-Ibor Mayor - The EU Needs a New Arctic Strategy

Johanna K. Schenner - Stateless Persons and the Question of Rights

Response to Article

Robert E.T. Ward - Comment on ‘Impact of Current Climate Proposals’

Review Essay

Peter Wagner - Modernity, Capitalism and Crisis: Understanding the New Great Transformation


Vol 7, Issue 1, February 2016