Global Policy Book Event - 'The Haves and Have Nots' with Branko Milanovic

LSE, Old Theatre, Tuesday, 8th February 2011

Date: 8 February 2011
Time: 6:30 - 8:00pm
Venue: Old Theatre, Old Building
Speaker: Branko Milanovic
Chair: Professor Danny Quah

Branko Milanovic will be introducing his new book, The Haves and Have Nots, examining inequality.

Inequality is a surprisingly slippery issue. It involves not just straightforward comparisons of individuals, but also comparisons of price and consumption differences around the world—and over time. In The Haves and the Have-Nots, Branko Milanovic, the lead economist at the World Bank’s research division, approaches the issue in a new and innovative way: through stories. Milanovic reveals just how rich Elizabeth Bennet’s suitor Mr. Darcy really was; how wealthy ancient Romans compare to today’s super-rich (for example, Nero vs. Paris Hilton); who the richest people are today; how we should think about Marxism in a modern world; and how location factors into wealth. This bold and entertaining book teaches us not only how to think about inequality, but also why it matters and—most importantly—what we can do about it.

Branko Milanovic is Lead Economist in the World Bank's research group and visiting professor at the School for Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. Ph.D. in economics 1987, Belgrade University, Yugoslavia. Interests: income distribution, poverty, political economy of reform. Areas: Eastern Europe, East Asia.

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