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Line in the Waters: The South China Dispute and its Implications for Asia

Abhijit Singh

Line in the Waters: The South China Dispute and its Implications for Asia


Part of the GP-ORF series, Line in the Waters, edited by Abhijit Singh, looks at emerging security dynamics in the Southeast Asian littorals and their impact on Asian geopolitics and security.

It presents country perspectives of the strategic implications of recent developments in the South China Sea, their implications for maritime security and the regional balance of power. After an Arbitral Tribunal pronounced a verdict in July 2016, invalidating China’s historical rights in the South China Sea, there is fear that the dispute might turn into a flashpoint for conflict. Beyond dwelling on the strategic deadlock that characterises the current state-of-play, contributors outline possible solutions and a way forward.

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Arbitration on the South China Sea: Implications for Maritime-Asia | Abhijit Singh

Freedom of Navigation: A Critical Security Imperative | Jeff M. Smith

The Sino-US Security Dilemma: The Root Cause and Way Out | Teng Jianqun

Singapore’s Security Dilemma | Koh Swee Lean Collin

Indonesia’s South China Sea Problem | Ristian Supriyanto

Vietnam’s Regional Security Challenges | Ha Anh Tuan

Duterte’s Geopolitical Game-play | Richard Javad Heydarian

A Japan-India Partnership in Maritime-Asia | Satoru Nagao



Citation: Singh, A. 2017. Line in the Waters: The South China Dispute and its Implications for Asia. London: Global Policy and Observer Research Foundation. 

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