Special Issue - Current Challenges of Corporate Governance: Reputation, Risk and Sustainability

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The importance of addressing today's corporate governance challenges, especially those related to reputation, risk, and sustainability, cannot be underestimated. Forward-thinking companies recognize that good governance practices are essential not only to adapt to today's complex business environment but also to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future. This special issue of Global Policy Journal aims to contribute to the debate by analysing the new challenges posed to corporate governance.

Introduction to the special issue: “Current challenges of corporate governance: Reputation, risk and sustainability” - Myriam García-Olalla and Camilo José Vázquez-Ordás

Research Articles

Digital innovation and de-branching in the banking industry: Customer perception and satisfaction - Santiago Carbó-Valverde, Pedro J. Cuadros-Solas, Francisco Rodríguez-Fernández and José Juan Sánchez-Béjar

Climate-related credit risk: Rethinking the credit risk framework - Helena Redondo and Elisa Aracil

Sustainable banking and trust in the global South - Fernando Ubeda, Alvaro Mendez and Francisco Javier Forcadell

Work environment and health of bank employees working from home: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic - Carla Azpíroz-Dorronsoro, Beatriz Fernández-Muñiz, José Manuel Montes-Peón and Camilo José Vázquez-Ordás

Mapping research on corporate misconduct in banking: Lessons from literature on preventive and punitive actions - Rita Rodríguez-Arrojo, Manuel Luna, Camilo J. Vázquez-Ordás and Myriam García-Olalla

Risk analysis of Spanish companies - Juan Antonio Rodríguez-Sanz, Eleuterio Vallelado and Miguel Fernández-Martín

How the method for delivering loans impacts on the economic efficiency of microfinance institutions - José L. Fernández Sánchez, María D. Odriozola and Elisa Baraibar-Diez

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