Special Issue: Global Energy Governance

Special Issue: Global Energy Governance

This special issue of Global Policy brings together leading experts from Asia, Europe and North America to examine the international institutions, national governance mechanisms, financing systems, devastating corruption and human rights abuses that together will determine the future of the energy sector. Although national governments play the dominant role in energy governance, the challenges facing policy makers are beyond the scope of any single national government to manage, making energy policy a key component of global governance and international relations.


Ann Florini and Navroz K. Dubash - Introduction to the Special Issue: Governing Energy in a Fragmented World

Research Articles

Navroz K. Dubash and Ann Florini - Mapping Global Energy Governance

Thijs Van de Graaf and Kirsten Westphal - The G8 and G20 as Global Steering Committees for Energy: Opportunities and Constraints

Andreas Goldthau and Jan Martin Witte - Assessing OPEC’s Performance in Global Energy

Ann Florini - The International Energy Agency in Global Energy Governance

Bo Kong - Governing China’s Energy in the Context of Global Governance

Navroz K. Dubash - From Norm Taker to Norm Maker? Indian Energy Governance in Global Context

Antonio G. M. La Viña, Joanne C. Dulce and Naderev Saño - National and Global Energy Governance: Issues, Linkages and Challenges in the Philippines

Peter Newell - The Governance of Energy Finance: The Public, the Private and the Hybrid

Arunabha Ghosh - Seeking Coherence in Complexity? The Governance of Energy by Trade and Investment Institutions

Smita Nakhooda - Asia, the Multilateral Development Banks and Energy Governance

Christopher Wright - Export Credit Agencies and Global Energy: Promoting National Exports in a Changing World

Ann Florini and Saleena Saleem - Information Disclosure in Global Energy Governance

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