Special Issue - Restricting NGOs: From Pushback to Accommodation

Special Issue - Restricting NGOs: From Pushback to Accommodation

Since the mid-2000s, scholars, policy makers, and activists have been sounding alarm bells over the growing tendency of governments around the globe to restrict the ability of civil society groups to form, operate, advocate for particular causes, receive and use resources, and network with other actors. The contributions in this special issue examine how particular types of civil society organizations are impacted by this clampdown, how restrictions can change the balance between civil society actors with rival ideological perspectives, how restrictions can enable the rise of new civil society actors attacking existing CSOs, and how restrictions can shape popular attitudes and donor funds. Importantly, the contributions in this issue also shed light on how organizations attempt to push back against restrictive states.

Special Issue Article: Introduction

Restricting NGOs: From Pushback to Accommodation - Kendra Dupuy, Luc Fransen and Aseem Prakash

Special Issue Articles

Tempering Transnational Advocacy? The Effect of Repression and Regulatory Restriction on Transnational NGO Collaborations - Luc Fransen, Kendra Dupuy, Marja Hinfelaar, Sultan Mohammed and Zakaria Mazumder

The Selective Closure of Civic Space - Conny Roggeband and Andrea Krizsán

The Enemy Within? Anti-Rights Groups and Restrictions on Civil Society - Ines M. Pousadela and Dominic R. Perera

Who Cares about Crackdowns? Exploring the Role of Trust in Individual Philanthropy - Suparna Chaudhry, Marc Dotson and Andrew Heiss

The Implications of Closing Civic Space for Hunger and Poverty in the Global South - Naomi Hossain and Marjoke Oosterom

A Platform or Partner: Engaging the Media in Advocacy - Lisa-Marie Selvik

Defending Civic Space: Successful Resistance Against NGO Laws in Kenya and Kyrgyzstan - Nora Berger-Kern, Fabian Hetz, Rebecca Wagner and Jonas Wolff

Don’t Touch My Constitution! Civil Society Resistance to Democratic Backsliding in Africa´s Pluralist Regimes - Lise Rakner

Refraining or Resisting: Responses of Green Movement Supporters to Repression During the 2013 Iranian Presidential Elections - Ali Honari and Jasper Muis

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