Volume 15, Issue 2, June 2024

Volume 15, Issue 2, June 2024

The June 2024 issue of Global Policy includes a Policy Insights Special Section on ‘The Evolution of the New Development Bank' edited by Gregory T. Chin. There are also Research Articles on intelligence and the 'five eyes', human rights and environmental due diligence laws, liberal environmentalism, China's trade with Africa, and digital nomadism, among others. The regular Policy Insights section includes pieces on in infrastructure in developing economies, US-China high-tech decoupling, the UNFCCC and ‘developing’ country lists.

Research Articles

Intelligence in international society: An English school perspective on the ‘five eyes’ - Robert Schuett and John Williams

The art of the Trump-Iran deal: An unsuccessful coercive foreign policy - Amir Magdy Kamel

A comparison of British and German parliamentary discourses on science diplomacy over time- Anna-Lena Rüland and Nicolas Rüffin

Supply chain divergence challenges a ‘Brussels effect’ from Europe's human rights and environmental due diligence laws - Mairon G. Bastos Lima and Almut Schilling-Vacaflor

Indicator accountability or policy shrinking? Multistakeholder partnerships in reviews of the sustainable development goals - Magdalena Bexell

Here to stay? Challenges to liberal environmentalism in regional climate governance - David Krogmann

Digital nomadism and the challenge to social citizenship - Adam K. Webb

Perceptions of social credit systems in Southeast Asia: An external technology acceptance model - Wiebke Rabe and Genia Kostka

Reserving the right to say no? Equilibria around hard trade-sustainability commitments in power-asymmetric contexts - Rodrigo Fagundes Cezar and Oto Murer Küll Montagner

Does governance matter? Comparing the determinants of Chinese and Western trade with Africa - David Landry

The United States–China ‘tech war’: Decoupling and the case of Huawei - Maria Ryan and Stephen Burman

Policy Insights Special Section - The Evolution of the New Development Bank

Introduction – The evolution of New Development Bank: A decade plus in the making  - Gregory T. Chin

The future of the BRICS and the New Development Bank - Jim O'Neill

Southern multilateralism from IBSA to NDB: Synergies, continuities and regional options - Chris Alden and Garth le Pere

The United Arab Emirates and the New Development Bank: Mutual interests and first-mover advantages - Andrew F. Cooper and Brendon J. Cannon

Latin American agency: The New Development Bank, Uruguay's accession and Brazilian influence - Alvaro Mendez

Bangladesh and New Development Bank: Accession and after, money and more - Gregory T. Chin and  Rifat D. Kamal

The New Development Bank in Africa: Mid-term evaluation and lessons learned - Daniel D. Bradlow and Magalie L. Masamba

The New Development Bank: Directions on strategic partnerships - Suresh Nanwani

Why China supports NDB membership expansion: Going multilateral amid power struggles - Jiejin Zhu

New Development Bank's role in the global financial architecture - Bert Hofman and P. S. Srinivas

Policy Insights

Deciding which ‘developing’ country list to use: A practical guide - Deborah Barros Leal Farias

Private sector participation in infrastructure in emerging market and developing economies: Evolution, constraints, and policies - Joseph Mawejje

A search dilemma for market niches: Korea and Taiwan in a time of US-China high-tech decoupling - Chan-Yuan Wong and Christopher J. Russell

Making the UNFCCC fit for purpose: A research agenda on vested interests and green spiralling - Naghmeh Nasiritousi,  Alexandra Buylova,  Mathias Fridahl and Gunilla Reischl

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