Envisioning New Partnerships For Africa’s Future: Making Global Governance Work in a Post-2015 World by GG2022

by GG2022 Global Development Governance Working Group


This report represents one of the final outputs of the Global Governance 2022 program (known as GG2022). Over the course of almost nine months in 2012-2013, the program comprised of three dialogue sessions in Berlin (26-30 August 2012), Beijing (7-11 January 2013) and Washington, DC (5-9 May 2013). It brought together 24 young leaders from China, Germany and the United States – the GG2022 fellows. Over the course of the program, the fellows forged cross-cultural networks and, using the intellectual instruments in the field of future research, devised scenarios for the future of international institutions in the three areas of cyber security, development and energy governance. They were encouraged to combine their insights on possible future developments with their normative convictions about the shape and role of global governance in order to create a shared vision of the future system of global governance. To download the full reports please click the above images.

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