Brass Tacks: Unpacking the Indo-Pacific Template

Brass Tacks: Unpacking the Indo-Pacific Template

Edited by Pratnashree Basu, this volume of the GP-ORF Series will explore the currents that characterise a geopolitically tense Indo-Pacific with the aim to untangle or decongest this geographical space, which has in a sense become encumbered by a multitude of strategic ascriptions and ensuing policy prescriptions. The edition comprises four sections inquiring into the key developments and their perceived and actual implications alongside considered approaches that inform both intra and extra-region interactions. Divided into the broad categories of strategy, economy, regional politics and critical technologies, these sections also offer policy directions in response to shifts in the regional contour. The not-so-smooth rise of China; the increasing role of aspirational intra-regional countries; a renewed realisation of the significance of maritime commerce and its complex and multi-layered interaction with political dynamics; the reliance on maritime trade routes for supplies of energy and the uncertainties; and opportunities posed by rapid advances in critical technologies are some of the key issues that underpin and shape developments in the Indo-Pacific.


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Geo-strategy: The Geometry of the Indo-Pacific Construct

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Intersections Between Free and Open Indo-Pacific and Other Regional Templates - David Scott

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Chinese Checkers: Driving Alignments in the Indo-Pacific - Shruti Pandalai

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For India, Autarky Is not an Option - Dhruva Jaishankar

Challenges to Blue Economy in the Indo-Pacific - Abhijit Singh

Energy Security in the Indo-Pacific: Need for a Rules-Based Maritime Order - Roshan Saha and Pratnashree Basu


Competing Polarities: Regional ordering and External Balancing

China’s Rise and Balancing in the Indo-Pacific: Taking Stock in 2021 - Jeff M. Smith

Minilaterals in the Indo-Pacific: An Indian Perspective - Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan

ASEAN and the Indo-Pacific: Managing the Impact of Regional Power Shifts - Shankari Sundararaman

Preserving ‘ASEAN Centrality’ in the Indo-Pacific: Challenges and Possibilities - Premesha Saha

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands: India’s Strategic Node in the Indo-Pacific - Sohini Bose and Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury


Analytics and Ambiguity: The Critical Technology Frontline

Towards a Free and Open Indo-Pacific Through Critical Technologies - Aarshi Tirkey

Emerging Military Technologies and What They May Mean for the Indo-Pacific - Javin Aryan

Securing the Cyberspace - Ratnadeep Chakraborty


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