The Future of War in South Asia: Innovation, Technology and Organisation

The Future of War in South Asia: Innovation, Technology and Organisation

With the adoption of rapidly evolving development—and in in some cases, regression—of advanced warfighting technologies, the face of warfare is changing. Last year, a US Congressional Research Service note on Emerging Military Technologies listed an overview of selected emerging military technologies in the US, China and Russia, such as lethal autonomous systems, artificial intelligence (AI), hypersonic weapons, directed energy weapons, biotechnology and quantum technology. As the report recounts, the face of warfare is changing with the rapidly evolving development of advanced warfighting technologies.

Edited by Manoj Joshi and Pushan Das, the aim of this volume is to establish India’s defence technology goals and strategies needed to achieve them. How can the Indian Armed Forces adapt legacy platforms and doctrines to counter emerging military technologies of the future? By identifying and highlighting the gap between the existing capabilities and the requirements of the future, the volume hopes to initiate a conversation to understand these changes with an outlook to 2030.

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1 Introduction: Military Transformation and the China Challenge - Pushan Das and Manoj Joshi
2 Robots at War: The Future for Autonomous Systems at Sea in the Indo-Pacific - Malcolm Davis
3 Integrating Unmanned Platforms and Enabling Tech in India’s Warfighting Doctrine - BS Dhanoa
4 Future of Autonomous Air Platforms in the Indo-Pacific - Justin Bronk
5 ASATs: A Growing Response to PLA Space Capabilities - Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
6 China’s Military Technology Developments and What This Means for India - Manoj Joshi
7 The PLA’s Developing Warfare Capabilities and India's Options - PK Mallick
8 Asymmetric Warfare, Technology and Non-State Actors: What India Must Do - Kabir Taneja