Livable Cities for the Future

Livable Cities for the Future

This moment in our planet’s history presents an urgent need for transformative thinking and action to make our cities and villages sustainable, and empower habitats for people from across the socioeconomic spectrum, now and for the future. The most pressing challenges are extreme climate change, population pressures, social and economic inequities, the growing refugee crisis, and managing evolving technologies.

Cities and villages are dynamic entities that reflect the aspirations and lifestyles of their inhabitants. However, the rapid pace of change has exacerbated many interconnected challenges such as congestion, pollution, inequitable infrastructure, social inequalities, and resource depletion. Impacts of climate change, including rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and sea-level rise, further exacerbate the vulnerability of urban environments already stressed by racial, gender, and ideological divides. We can meet these challenges by developing strong policy directives and fostering international collaboration and knowledge sharing among innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and citizens. Recognising the urgency of this task, this compendium, Livable Cities for the Future, edited by Geeta Mehta and Dikshu Kukreja, brings together the insights of prominent scholars and experts in the fields of sustainability and urban design from around the world.

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Big Ideas

Towards Creating New Civic Institutions and Resources for Future Cities on the Internet - Saskia Sassen

Post-compact City: Learning from Modern Integrative Projects to Fight Unequal Urban Conditions in the Global South - Guilherme Lassance

A Model of Integral Ecological Regeneration: The Power of Marginal Areas - Sara Roversi

Planetary Challenges and the Smart Urban Solution Framework - Tetsuo Kidokoro and Norihisa Shima


Lens of Social Justice

Environmental, Energy, and Climate Justice in the US: Origins, Drivers, Principles, and Potential Remedies - Peter J. Marcotullio

Empowering Women to Make Cities More Climate Resilient - Susan M. Blaustein

Transit Justice in the Post-Pandemic Age - Kate Ascher


Informal Settlements

Homegrown Futures: Local Development and Global Cities - Matias Echanove and Rahul Srivastava


Historic Perspective

Preserving the Built Environment for Sustainable Development: Historical Turning Points in Raising Environmental Consciousness - Kaisa Broner-Bauer

The Future of Cities: Sustainability Is Based on Objective Beauty - Nikos A. Salingaros


Young Person’s Perspective

Inclusive Urban Futures: Exploring Youth's Vision of Social Urbanism in India and Beyond - Sushmita Shekar


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