The Making of a Global Bharat

The Making of a Global Bharat

An ambitious and articulate Bharat is reimagining its global engagement at a time when cracks are appearing in the post-1945 world order. A host of challenges—such as the rise of multipolarity, the onset of deglobalisation, the advent of a technological revolution, the deepening polarisation between the East and the West, and the divide between the Global North and South—are upending the established order that was built on a foundation of hope and cooperation. Old ideas and institutions can no longer hold the weight of our problems, even as assumptions of the past need a radical rethink.

This issue of the GP-ORF Series, titled The Making of a Global Bharat, celebrates India’s global engagements and explores the core elements of this new foreign policy vision shaped over the past 10 years. It includes curated essays by renowned scholars and domain experts who unpack the ideas and critical initiatives powering India’s global resurgence.

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1 Realigning Strategic Autonomy by Harsh V Pant and Yogesh Joshi

2 The Ancient Roots of Global Bharat by Amrita Narlikar

3 India, a Bridge Between Antagonists by Velina Tchakarova

4 Assessing India’s Stewardship of the G20 by Leslie Vinjamuri 

5 Redefining the Subcontinent through ‘Neighbourhood First’ by Rahul Roy-Chaudhury

6 Beyond Oil: India's Diversifying Play in West Asia by Max Abrahms and Kabir Taneja

7 India’s Quad Diplomacy: A Vision for Regional Cooperation by Satoru Nagao and Pratnashree Basu

8 Manoeuvring the China Conundrum by Cleo Paskal

9 A New Paradigm in Economic Partnerships by Sinderpal Singh

10 India’s Multitiered Approach to Defence Self-Reliance by S. Paul Kapur

11 India’s Agenda for Reformed Multilateralism in Reimagining Global Cooperation by Sameer Patil

12 India as the Voice of the Global South by Elizabeth Sidiropoulos

13 Towards a Global Stack: The Future of India’s Global Technology Partnerships by Erin Watson

14 The Raisina Dialogue as a Global Platform by Justin Bassi