Tackling Insurgent Ideologies in a Pandemic World

Tackling Insurgent Ideologies in a Pandemic World

Contributors to this volume edited by Maya Mirchandani explore how COVID-19 has exacerbated existing political, socio-cultural, religious and ideological faultlines, with a focus on how it has made the pressing task of tackling on- and off- line extremism harder. They ask whether we can define and identify a process of radicalisation? And, if so, can we identify drivers of radicalisation beyond the obvious markers of ethnic, racial or faith-based identities? Can we find ways to address the concerns of individual, community or national security, while ensuring a free and democratised internet, without the government’s interference and the attendant dangers of its surveillance of political dissent? And perhaps most importantly, can we do it urgently, to mitigate the damage already done by the cauldron of radical violence, ideological hate and populist polarisation that threatens our futures as seriously as a pandemic does today.

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Confronting the Challenges of ‘Post-Organisational’ Extremism - Milo Comerford

Domestic Terrorism in the US, Disinformation and the Impact of COVID-19 - Colin P. Clarke

Countering Violent Extremism in the US: A Work in Progress - Eric Rosand

Understanding Radicalisation is Key to Effective Countermeasures - Sajid Shapoo

India Muslims and Jihadist Failures: Past and Future - Mohammed Sinan Siyech

Manufacturing Conflict: Indian Muslims and the Shift from Marginalisation to Exclusion - Ali Khan

Peacebuilding Framework, Narrative and Policy Interventions in Jammu & Kashmir - Ashima Kaul

How the World’s Largest Internet Shutdown Has Failed to Counter Extremism in Kashmir - Khalid Shah

Analysing the Impact of the Taliban Deal on Jihadist Violence in South Asia - Kriti M. Shah

Decoding Gendered Online Trolling in India - Simantini Ghosh

UN Framework on Countering Violent Extremism Online is the Need of the Hour - Ilyas El Omari

The Role of Human Voice in the Communication of Digital Disinformation - Rita Singh

Debating the Ethics of Deepfakes - Ashish Jaiman

Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism at Facebook: Technology, Expertise and Partnerships - Erin Saltman