Uncharted Territory: Emerging World Order Post COVID-19

As global actors are pushed deeper into ‘uncharted territory’, this volume of selected essays seeks to describe, investigate and critically analyse key factors that will shape the world’s journey to a post-COVID-19 era. At present, it is difficult to discern the shape, form or substance of the post COVID-19 world order. Nevertheless, by bringing together some of the best global minds to meditate on this issue, the volume aims to contribute to the expanding scholarship on COVID-19 and endeavours to inform academics, researchers, journalists and stakeholders on understanding the most pernicious, significant and world-changing event of our times.

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Editor’s Note


Order at the Gates: Globalisation, Techphobia and the World Order Samir Saran
US and China in COVID-19 Era: Engagement, Strategic Competition and Beyond Manoj Joshi
What does COVID-19 Tell us About Democracy vs Authoritarianism? Dhruva Jaishankar


What's Ailing the World Health Organization? Harsh V. Pant and Aarshi Tirkey
China's Footprint is Growing Within the United Nations Seema Sirohi
India’s SAARC Diplomacy During the COVID-19 Crisis K Yhome


Gated Globalisation and Fragmented Supply Chains Jayant Sinha and Samir Saran
COVID-19’s Reality Shock for Emerging Economies: Measures to Deal with Dependence on External Funding Alicia García Herrero and Elina Ribakova
Exploring China’s Diplomatic Offensive in Central and Eastern Europe Amidst its ‘Mask Diplomacy’ Alicja Bachulska


COVID-19 Will Test the Limits of the Privacy Debate Shashidhar KJ
Separation Anxieties: US, China and Tech Interdependence Trisha Ray
The World Must Come Together Before the Next Disaster Hits Chen Xi