Global Governance Futures 2027

Global Governance Futures 2027

Over the course of one year (2016-2017), the Global Governance Futures programme, or GGF, brings together young professionals to look ahead 10 years and recommend ways to address global challenges.


At the heart of the GGF philosophy, we believe that the greatest asset of the programme lies in the diversity of our fellows and the collective energy they develop when they come together, discuss, debate and engage with one another during the four intense working sessions. This is why the fellows squarely occupy the center stage, setting GGF apart from many other young professionals’ programmes. The fellows play an active role in shaping the agenda of their respective working groups. The working process draws on the GGF method and brings together the unique strengths, experiences and perspectives of each fellow in working towards a common goal. The GGF team works closely with the fellows to help them achieve these goals and, in the process, cultivates a community that will last well beyond the duration of the programme through a growing and active alumni network.


Building on three successful rounds of the programme – GGF 2020, GGF 2022 and GGF 2025 – the next round, GGF 2027, will assemble 25 individuals from Germany, China, Japan, India and the United States (five from each country). The GGF fellows form three working groups that explore a particular issue area of global governance. In GGF 2027 they will focus on data governance, global health and transnational terrorism until the year 2027. Using instruments from the field of futures research, the working groups will explore and produce scenarios for their respective issue areas. Based on their findings, the fellows will put together a range of publications, including reports and commentaries that present their findings on how to foster effective, accountable governance now and in the years ahead.


Over the course of the programme the fellows' outputs, including reports, commentaries and interviews, will be published on Global Policy and collated here:


An Introduction Global Governance Futures 2027 - Joel Sandhu and Johannes Gabriel




Power in the Digital Age - Cathleen Berger




Japan can be More Proactive in Creating a Global Consensus on Data Governance: An Interview with GGF 2027 Fellow Shoko Yoshihara - Joel Sandhu

China’s Response to Terrorism: An Interview With GGF 2027 Fellow Yuan Ma - Joel Sandhu

Challenges and Opportunities for Global Health Governance. An interview with GGF 2027 fellow Mary Pillinger - Joel Sandhu

How prepared is India to Tackle Epidemics? An interview with GGF 2027 fellow Chandrakant Lahariya - Joel Sandhu

China’s Changing Terrorism Threat Perception. An interview with GGF 2027 fellows Fanglu Sun - Joel Sandhu

China’s New Role in Global Health Security - An Interview with GGF 2027 Fellow Kun Tang - Joel Sandhu




We Need to ‘Fear-guard’ Economies During Health Emergencies - Sulzhan Bali

Yolanda Jinxin Ma - Why Open Data Is Good for China

The Islamic State in South Asia: A Growing Threat - Aryaman Bhatnagar and Joel Sandhu