The Juxtapose Project

Juxtapose is a multi-faceted project aiming to create new approaches to comparative works on India and China, incorporating diverse perspectives to stimulate fresh contributions to the academy and beyond.


In recent years, the fascinating tension created by the similarities and differences between China and India has attracted an expanding multi-disciplinary scholarship of Sino-Indian comparative work. These approaches however, are neither consistent nor cohesive, and given that the global reality is also diverse, it is surprising that we should expect them to be so. Juxtapose asks how these theoretical problems are to be overcome? Could we form a better comparative framework to understand India and China in our changing world? And if so, then how? How is this challenge being tackled in different disciplines and industries, and what can we learn from different approaches to collaboration and comparison in use today?


At present, the Juxtapose Project is comprised of three parts:


Firstly, there is an ongoing inter- and multi-disciplinary conference series focused on creating and exploring new comparative paradigms for study of and work with India and China.


The second part of the Juxtapose Project is a bilingual blog. By sharing the latest publications of China-India studies contributed by professionals from the Juxtapose network and beyond in a more approachable way to the general public, this blog aims at bridging the gap between scholarly research and public readings of multi-disciplinary China-India comparison. Apart from our own website, the blog will be simultaneously hosted on our media partners in China, UK and beyond, including China Daily, Caixin Media and Global Policy.


The third part of Juxtapose is our monthly podcast In Context, which will be launched towards the end of 2014. This public-facing extension of our work will bring together a varied network of senior academics to respond to current events in India and/or China by contextualising them in time and space.

More information on our diverse, multi-faceted approach can be found here or a selection of our outputs can be found below:


Blog Posts and Artices:


Sumit Roy - China and India, the “Rising Powers” and their Role in African development: Challenges and Opportunities, Juxtapose blog.

Ma, Yuge, Making Sense of China and India’s Low-carbon Pathways, Global Policy.

Ma, Yuge, de Feo-Giet, D K, Avoiding a Simplistic Comparison of China and India, China Outlook.

Sahni, Varun, When Xi met Modi: Juxtaposing China and India, India and the Word, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies.

Ma, Yuge, A Common Dream between India, China, and the World, Avantha International Fellowship Publication.



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Coming soon.




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Juxtapose is supported by The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities (TORCH), the Davis Foundation for Chinese Studies, The South Asia Research Cluster (SARC) of Wolfson College, Oxford, Center for the East Asia Studies (CEAS) and School of International Studies (SIS), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and to be a selected project of Global Policy.