Laura Frisiani


Laura Frisiani is a third year student of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Durham University. She is particularly interested in Development because deeply connected with the practical implication of all three subjects and remarkable for its sense of purpose. Across the years, she has accumulated a broad range of experiences: she has served food in soup kitchens in America, volunteered in summer camps for children with chronic diseases in Italy, and in mental health institutes in the UK. She also taught art to violent criminals in a prison, and interviewed working children in Bangalore. Finally, convinced that managerial and practical skills are essential to make a difference, she interned with Goldman Sachs, hoping to gain some of those skills essential to make the most out of herself. As an intern at Global Policy, she syndicates articles for the journal’s blog, and particularly for the sections of ‘Development Inequality and Poverty’, and ‘Population and migration’.