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Ben O'Loughlin

Ben O'Loughlin is Professor of International Relations and Co-Director of the New Political Communication Unit at Royal Holloway, University of London. Before joining Royal Holloway he completed a DPhil in Politics at the University of Oxford in 2005 and was a researcher on the ESRC New Security Challenges Programme. Ben's expertise is in the field of international political communication. He is Co-Editor of the Sage journal Media, War & Conflict, and since 2007 he has carried out a series of grant funded projects on media and security. This work is drawn together in the book War and Media: The Emergence of Diffused War (Cambridge: Polity, 2010), co-authored with Andrew Hoskins. Findings have been presented to the No. 10 Policy Unit, Home Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, OFCOM, the European Commission and European Broadcasting Union (EBU), as well as expert groups like the Global Futures Forum. Ben is the author of Television and Terror (2007, Palgrave, with Andrew Hoskins) and Radicalisation and Media: Terrorism and Connectivity in the New Media Ecology (2011, Routledge, with Akil N. Awan and Andrew Hoskins). In autumn 2012 he is Visiting Scholar at the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney.

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