Author - Martha Molfetas

Martha Molfetas

Martha is the Executive Director & Founder of the NGO, Impact Human. She founded Impact Human with a desire to focus on the human dynamic and affects of climate change, resources, and pollution.

A lifelong student of conflict studies and international and environmental politics, Martha has worked as a Researcher, Project Manager, Peer Reviewer, Consultant, and Director for various NGOs, consultancies, and academic institutions, including Transparency International, Dalberg Research, the London School of Economics, Oil Change International, and E3G. 


She completed an MSc in Conflict Studies at the London School of Economics while travelling throughout Europe and North Africa, including a road trip through the Balkans. Martha also spent two years working on different US-political campaigns, like Obama for America/Organizing for America and Kendrick Meek for US Senate. She has a vested interest in both American politics and international affairs.

Martha’s work has focused largely on sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, the US and Europe, and global governance. Her work particularly focuses on hydrocarbon development, climate policy, resource dynamics, resource governance, security, international law, insurgency and conflict, and international development.

Her work has appeared on PolicyMic, LSE Ideas Blog, World Politics Review, Freedom to Discuss, and the Global Policy Journal.

All opinions expressed here are her own and are not affiliated with Impact Human or any other organisation.

Martha also does consulting work on her areas of expertise. For more on her work, check out her professional website.


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