The Political Dynamics of Human Mobility: Migration out of, as and into Violence

Photo credit: babasteve via / CC BY-NC

Simplistic correlations between human mobility and political violence are on the rise in the European discourse on immigration, especially – but not only – in populist rhetoric. This not only lacks an empirical foundation, but also leads to simplistic solutions for a major political and humanitarian challenge of our time. However, we still lack comprehensive knowledge on the migration-violence nexus. By bringing insights from migration studies and peace and conflict studies into fruitful dialogue, this contribution aims to fill this gap. It first maps some of the central questions regarding the migration-violence nexus. Second, and on this basis, it proposes an analytical framework for future research which encompasses the interdependence of violence-migration dynamics on and between the macro, meso and micro levels by examining human mobility as: (1) a movement out of (physical and structural) violence; (2) a violent process in and of itself; (3) a path into (physical and structural) violence; and (4) it formulates some recommendations that can provide a more holistic basis for policy programmes regarding human mobility.