Call for Papers

Call%20for%20Papers_0.pngGlobal Policy: Next Generation is the new, annual fifth-edition of Global Policy journal. Its aim is to seek out the next generation of groundbreaking research in global policymaking, and to provide a platform for early career researchers to publish research on-par with the most rigorous of academic journals.

We are now commissioning articles for the second edition of GPNGOur aim is not to produce thematic issues, but rather to stimulate cross-cutting debates around a range of global policy and collective action issues, from the environment and health to global poverty and security and beyond. Accordingly, we place no restrictions upon the content of submissions other than their relevance and impact to current and future policy issues worldwide.

If you would be interested in contributing, please see here.


Podcast: Non-state Actors and Climate Change with Dr. Sander Chan


With the Katowice Climate Change Conference (COP 24) kicking off next week, this interview with Dr. Sander Chan from the Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (German Development Institute) is a timely reflection on the role of sub-state and non-state action on climate change. Deputy Editor Emma Lecavalier discusses the conditions for successful non-sate climate action and whether or not these forms of action can be resilient in the face of state retrenchment. Read more...