Book Reviews

Remote Warfare: New Cultures of Violence. 

Reviewed by T. F. A. Watts

Adelman, Rebecca A., and David Kieran, eds. Remote Warfare: New Cultures of Violence. University of Minnesota Press, 2020.

Remote Warfare: New Cultures of Violence, a thirteen-chapter volume edited by Rebecca Adelman and David Kieran, makes a timely contribution to the growing field of study concerned with the legal, policy, and security implications of the trend in Western warfighting toward military intervention at a distance. Read more...

The Global Governed? 

The Global Policy: Next Generation editorial team discuss The Global Governed? Refugees as Providers of Protection and Assistance by Kate Pincock, Alexander Betts and Evan Easton-Calabria (2020). Watch the review...

Pragmatic Terrorism: Challenging Common Assumptions

Luciano Pollichieni reviews:

Jihad & Co.: Black Market and Islamist Power by Ahmad, Aisha, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017, 336 pp., $31.95 hardback 9780190656775

Everything You Have Told Me is True: the many faces of Al‐Shabaab by Harper, Mary, London: Hurst Publishers 2019, 208 pp., $27.35 hardback 2089781787381247

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The Global Policy: Next Generation team reviews the recently published book Angrynomics by Eric Lonergan and Mark Blyth. The review is a video that provides an in-depth discussion of the book through an interdisciplinary lens. Watch the review...

Fraternal Enemies: Israel and the Gulf Monarchies

Reviewed by Betul Dogan-Akkas

Fraternal Enemies: Israel and the Gulf Monarchies by Clive Jones and Yoel Guzansky. London: Hurst, 2020. 297 pp., £45 hardcover 9781787382121

Clive Jones and Yoel Guzansky’s joint volume provides a rich discussion on the Gulf monarchies’ controversial ties with Israel. Jones and Guzansky exhaustively cover multiple perspectives on the burgeoning relationships between Israel and the GCC, including regional conflicts of interest and controversies with regard to arms sales, nuclear enrichment, high-tech trade relations, and proxies in the Syrian civil war. Read more...

6 key books for understanding the politics of global climate change

By Emma Lecavalier

Whether you’re starting a new research project or just looking to make sense of all of this talk of “carbon credits”, the “UNFCCC (the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”), and the “Global Compact”, this list is for you! Read more...