Legitimacy and Legitimisation of Global Governance in Crisis

Legitimacy and Legitimisation of Global Governance in Crisis
Event Date
In person at the Bishops Dining Room, Durham Castle and online via Zoom.

The Global Policy Institute would like to invite you to attend a two-day workshop on ‘Legitimacy and Legitimisation of Global Governance in Crisis’.

The workshop aims to provide a forum for exploring the implications of the increased politicisation and contestation of global shifts in power and policymaking, from national authorities to international organisations, which can be seen to be threatening to the liberal international order and multilateral structures in regional and world politics. Such politicisation and contestation are increasingly manifested in democratic societies, through the political emergence and electoral success of populist parties and leaders (of the right and left), heighted nationalist sentiment, and growing public mistrust of or hostility towards regional integration, globalisation, and immigration. In response, there is increasing pressure for international organisations to enhance their legitimacy and put forward legitimisation practices, including open participatory forms of decision-making with engagement with multiple stakeholders. International organisations need to justify their role and scope – given perceptions of a lack of legitimacy, policy failures or inefficiencies, and a ‘liberal bias’ to their rules and policy-making – and to widen and deepen their legitimisation activities. Some of these activities consist of building engagement with constituents, for instance significant investment in public communication activities and institutional linkages with legislatures. These are costly activities for international organisations and highlight concerns that, increasingly, neither output legitimacy nor institutional legitimacy - due to their intergovernmental character – are sufficient.  A key aim of the workshop is to encourage interaction between more theoretically-focused and more empirically-focused research on legitimacy and legitimisation. 

Please download the full programme for the workshop here.

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please register here by the 1st November.

If there are questions, please contact Dr Kyriaki Nanou - kyriaki.nanou@durham.ac.uk