GARNET PhD School Alumni Conference and Global Policy Brussels launch

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Global Governance, Regionalism & the Role of the EU: facing the emergence of a multipolar world


The Garnet PhD School Alumni Conference will focus on “Global Governance, Regionalism, the EU: and the emerging multipolar world. The seminar will strive to study the implications for, and the effects of, the changes in the structure of the global order. The theoretical questions born from the global power shifts and the emergence of a multipolar world will be the seminar’s leitmotif.

Furthermore the seminar will also address the growing interactions between European Studies, Comparative studies and IR.

International Institutions and multilateral cooperation are an increasingly prominent feature in world politics.

The world is becoming increasingly multipolar with the emergence of new players at the global stage such as China, India, Brazil, and a resurgent Russia - forming the so-called BRIC. The world is also becoming increasingly interdependent, both economically as recently illustrated by the US financial crisis affecting a global crisis; as well as with regard to threats and challenges facing our societies such as climate change.

In this context, the role of the US and the EU are to be deeply analysed: Has the unipolar momentum definitively ended or are we witnessing a newly revived hegemony? What place will there be left for the EU in the emergence of a multipolar order?

A key concern will be to evaluate the controversial emergence of what should be a legitimate and efficient multilateral and multi-levelled Global Governance system. How and why does regional or globla cooperation emerge. What are the main challenges facing international governance?

This event also served as the Brussels launch of Global Policy.

More information can be found here.