Stefan Halper - China's 21st Century Market-Authoritarian Challenge

Event Date
LSE, London

Beyond the military and economic challenge presented by Beijing, there lies a battle of ideas. China's market authoritarian model promises to shape the developing world in the 21st Century offering both new modes of governance and a path around the West.  What does this mean for the Enlightenment ideals that have informed Western progress for some 200 years? What does it mean for the millions seeking a better life across the Third World?

Stefan Halper is a Senior Fellow at the Centre of International Studies and a Senior Research Fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge. He has served four American presidents in the White House and Department of State and is an expert on US foreign policy, national security policy, China and Anglo-American relations.

This event celebrates the publication of his new book The Beijing Consensus.

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The audio podcast for this event is available here.