Compelled To Protect: The Ultimate Form of Free-Market 'Democracy'

Compelled To Protect: The Ultimate Form of Free-Market 'Democracy'
Event Date
Senate Suite, Durham Castle, 17:00 - 18:30

GPI Seminar Series: Mr. Matteo Capasso

The underlying humanitarian principles (R2P, etc.) that provided the rationale for NATO intervention in Libya while NATO and the media simultaneously turned a blind eye to the Saudi intervention in Bahrain force us to question the meaning of military intervention in the current international system.

By looking at and contextualizing the examples of Libya, Bahrain, Iraq, and Syria, the seminar will try to unravel the contradictory and hypocritical ideological aspects of the principles that guide Western military interventions in the Middle East, interventions that are promoted as for democratization. In this intellectual exploration, the seminar's objective is to deconstruct the notion of 'humanitarian intervention,' to expose it as an international policy to support the interests of global capitalism, and to suggest alternative models to support the aspirations of average people--those without access to power--for democratic rule.​

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