Special Issue – Science Diplomacy

Special Issue – Science Diplomacy

The past decade has witnessed the emergence of science diplomacy, both as a formalized set of operations and new field of study and research. A number of factors are driving this trend, but central is the recognition that more and more, major challenges are international in nature and that science and its applications are part of the cause as well as the cure. As a result, while much of the international science regime is still focused on discovery, there is an increasing demand for the integration of science cooperation in international relations. This special issue provides a overview of the evolution of science diplomacy, explores recent developments and unpacks burning issues.


Special Issue Articles

The Evolution of Science Diplomacy - Vaughan Turekian

Science Diplomacy: Introduction to a Boundary Problem - Carolin Kaltofen and Michele Acuto

Rebalancing the Encounter between Science Diplomacy and International Relations Theory - Carolin Kaltofen and Michele Acuto

Science Diplomacy and Trust Building: ‘Science China’ in the Arctic - Ping Su and Maximilian Mayer

Science Diplomacy, Epistemic Communities, and Practice in Sub‐Saharan Africa - David J. Hornsby and Asmita Parshotam

Facilitating International Cooperation on Air Pollution in East Asia: Fragmentation of the Epistemic Communities - Masaru Yarime and Aitong Li

Strengthening the UK‐Argentinian Science Relationship - Robin W. Grimes

Science Diplomacy within Sustainable Development: A SIDS Perspective - H. Elizabeth Thompson

Between a Carrot and a Stick: Science Diplomacy and Access to EU Research Funding - Matthias Leese

UNESCO: Scientific Humanism and its Impact on Multilateral Diplomacy - J. P. Singh

CSIRTs and Global Cybersecurity: How Technical Experts Support Science Diplomacy - Leonie Maria, Tanczer Irina and Brass Madeline Carr

Accelerating Basic Science in an Intergovernmental Framework: Learning from CERN's Science Diplomacy - Katharina E. Höne and Jovan Kurbalija

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Science‐Diplomacy Nexus - Pierre‐Bruno Ruffini

Scientist Diplomats or Diplomat Scientists: Who Makes Science Diplomacy Effective? - William R. Moomaw

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