Vol 12, Issue 5, November 2021

Vol 12, Issue 5, November 2021

The November 2021 issue of Global Policy includes research articles on, among others, representation in global civil society, techno-solutionism and the pandemic, child migration, foreign aid and fragile states, and cybersecurity and digital trade. There are also two policy insights on cryptocurrencies and central banks, and fintech's possibilities for sustainable development. 

Research Articles

In Whose Name Are You Speaking? The Marginalization of the Poor in Global Civil Society - Carole-Anne Sénit and Frank Biermann

Children & Migration: Political Constructions and Contestations - Lesley J. Pruitt

Drone Use for COVID-19 Related Problems: Techno-solutionism and its Societal Implications - Bruno Oliveira Martins, Chantal Lavallée and Andrea Silkoset

Come In, We’re Open (and Flexible): Trade Openness, Labour Flexibility, and Varieties of Capitalism - Walid Tijerina

A Systematic Framework to Understand Transnational Governance for Cybersecurity Risks from Digital Trade - Keman Huang, Stuart Madnick, Nazli Choucri and Fang Zhang

A Paradox of New Deal and Foreign Aid for Fragile States in Sub-Saharan Africa - Ben Katoka and Huck-ju Kwon

Assessing the Development–Foreign Policy Nexus of the Asian Rising Powers: South Korea, China, Japan and Indonesia - Emel Parlar Dal, Samiratou Dipama, Şaban Çaytaş and Ayda Sezgin

Policy Insights

Cryptocurrencies and CBDC: The Route Ahead - Marion Laboure, Markus H.-P. Müller, Gerit Heinz, Sagar Singh and Stefan Köhling

The FinTech Dividend: How Much Money Is FinTech Likely to Mobilize for Sustainable Development? - Bryane Michael and Tamara Latkovska

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