Vol 13, Issue 2, May 2022

Vol 13, Issue 2, May 2022

The May 2022 issue of Global Policy includes research articles on, among others, learning lessons from COVID-19, ASEAN and the Arctic Council, asteroid mining and UNSC non-permanent members. There are also practitioners’ commentaries on science diplomacy, China's Zero COVID-19 strategy and the donkey skin trade. The issue is concluded by a review essay on the global food system.

Research Articles

Antimicrobial Resistance as a Global Health Threat: The Need to Learn Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic - Anishka Cameron, Regina Esiovwa, John Connolly, Andrew Hursthouse and Fiona Henriquez

Taking Systems Thinking to the Global Level: Using the WHO Building Blocks to Describe and Appraise the Global Health System in Relation to COVID-19 - Josephine Borghi and Garrett W. Brown

Does Multilateralism still Matter? ASEAN and the Arctic Council in Comparative Perspective - Mark Beeson and Jolanta Hewitt

Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainability Governance: Norms, Implementation Pathways and Caribbean Small Island Developing States - Michelle Scobie

Persistence Against the Odds: How Entrepreneurial Agents Helped the UN Joint Inspection Unit to Prevail - Eugénia C. Heldt, Patrick A. Mello, Anna Novoselova and Omar Ramon Serrano Oswald

Sharing the Benefits of Asteroid Mining - Eglė Butkevičienė, Florian Rabitz

Controlling International Institutions: How the US Engineered UNSC Non-permanent Members in the Early Cold War - Ali Balci

Policy Insights

The Role of UN Peace Operations in Countering Health Insecurity after COVID-19 - Alexander Gilder

The Ambitious Modesty of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development - Qerim Qerimi

Practitioner Commentaries

Tripod Missions: Five Principles for Solving Society’s Most Pressing Challenges - David Bach and Henning Meyer

Science Diplomacy and COVID-19: Future Perspectives for South–South Cooperation - Jyoti Sharma, Danev Ricardo Pérez Valerino, Claudia Natalie Widmaier, Roberta Lima, Nidhi Gupta and Sanjeev Kumar Varshney

Understanding China’s COVID Zero Strategy: The Opening-Up Trilemma - Yuke Li and Ke Meng

The Donkey Skin Trade: Challenges and Opportunities for Policy Change - Frances Goodrum, Samuel Theuri, Eva Mutua and Gemma Carder

Review Essay

Fixing the Global Food System - Tony McGrew

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