Automation, AI and Applied Science: The New Technological Triple Threat?

By Leanne Gaffney-Berkeley - 12 June 2018
Automation, AI and Applied Science: The New Technological Triple Threat?

Rapid advances in technologies – in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, synthetic biology and clean technologies – are fundamentally changing the nature of global labour markets, economies and societies. They represent disruptions as well as opportunities for governments around the world. As the main investors in such technologies and drivers of automation, the G7 community in particular must work together to harness the benefits, and mitigate the costs, of the changing labour market. This policy brief discusses how the theme of ‘Preparing for Jobs of the Future’ was addressed at the 44th annual G7 Summit in Charlevoix. First, it provides background on how technological advancements are affecting jobs, pertaining to the issues of increasing automation, the changing nature of work and the emergence of new types of jobs. Second, it explains how these issues affect the G7 countries in particular and how their leaders should prepare citizens for the future of work. And finally, it discusses how the G7 have dealt with the topic in previous summits, and what credible commitments and developments leaders have made during this year’s summit.  



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