Vol 9, Issue 2, May 2018

Vol 9, Issue 2, May 2018

The May 2018 issue of Global Policy has nine research articles covering topics such as shipping policy, government expenditure and economic growth, women mediators in the UN, and business and human rights. There are Policy Insights on post war recovering and the role of markets, and global health. There are also two practitioner commentaries on the USA's 2017 National Security Strategy and the direction of economic policy after 2008.

Research Articles

Vincent Pouliot and Jean‐Philippe Thérien - Global Governance in Practice

Ethan B. Kapstein - Governing the Global Land Grab

Leif Wenar and Ioannis Kouris - Shipping Policy to Fight the Resource Curse

Ashley Schram, Sharon Friel J., Anthony VanDuzer, Arne Ruckert and Ronald Labonté - Internalisation of International Investment Agreements in Public Policymaking: Developing a Conceptual Framework of Regulatory Chill

Marion Laboure and Emmanuelle Taugourdeau - Does Government Expenditure Matter for Economic Growth?

Simone Martelli, Lawrence Bartolomucci and Simone Berardi - A Common Framework on Inequalities for G7 Countries

Pradumna B. Rana and Ramon Pacheco Pardo - Rise of Complementarity between Global and Regional Financial Institutions: Perspectives from Asia

Catherine Turner - Absent or Invisible? Women Mediators and the United Nations

Daniel Augenstein - Negotiating the Hard/Soft Law Divide in Business and Human Rights: The Implementation of the UNGPs in the European Union

Policy Insights

Richard Mallett and Adam Pain - Post‐War Recovery and the Role of Markets: Policy Insights from Six Years of Research

Sharon Friel - A Time for Hope? Pursuing a Vision of a Fair, Sustainable and Healthy World

Practitioner Commentaries

John M. Weaver - Dissecting the 2017 National Security Strategy: Implications for Senior Administrators (the Devil in the Details)

Edward Price - Five Questions for Economic Policy after 2008

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