Vol 9, Issue 4, November 2018

Vol 9, Issue 4, November 2019

The November 2018 issue of Global Policy has a Special Section on 'Climate Governance After Paris', edited by David Held and Charles Roger. There are Research Articles on trade agreements, the EU's conflict minerals regulations and climate change tipping points. There are Survey Articles on the Paris agreement, and the BRICS and new development banks. The issue concludes with a Review Essay on private security providers in Africa.


Research Articles

Trade Agreements, Regulatory Institutions and Services Liberalization - Matteo Fiorini and Bernard Hoekman

Labor Provisions in Trade Agreements (LABPTA): Introducing a New Dataset - Damian Raess and Dora Sari

Tailoring for Development: China's Post‐crisis Influence in Global Financial Governance - Julian Gruin Peter and Knaack Jiajun Xu

The new EU Conflict Minerals Regulation: Normative Power in International Relations? - Lena Partzsch

China's Expanding Security Involvement in Africa: A Pillar for ‘China–Africa Community of Common Destiny’ - Lei Yu

Understanding the Connections between the EU Global Strategy and Somali Peacebuilding Education Needs and Priorities - Alexandra Lewis and Neil Winn

Catastrophic Climate Change and Forest Tipping Points: Blind Spots in International Politics and Policy - Joana Castro and Pereira Eduardo Viola

Special Section - Climate Governance After Paris, Edited by David Held and Charles Roger

Introduction: Climate Governance After Paris - David Held and Charles Roger

Three Models of Global Climate Governance: From Kyoto to Paris and Beyond - David Held and Charles Roger

The Policy Role of Corporate Carbon Management: Co‐regulating Ecological Effectiveness - Jane Lister

Networking Cities after Paris: Weighing the Ambition of Urban Climate Change Experimentation - Emilia Smeds and Michele Acuto

Seeking Entry: Discursive Hooks and NGOs in Global Climate Politics - Jen Iris Allan

Survey Article

Paris Needs Geneva, and Vice Versa - C. Y. Cyrus Chu Po‐Ching Lee

The BRICS Coming of Age and the New Development Bank - Sergio Gusmão, Suchodolski Julien and Marcel Demeulemeester

Review Essay

Researching Private Security in Africa: Two Theoretical Orientations, Two Tales of Security Governance - Åsne Kalland, Aarstad Bruno and Oliveira Martins

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