Issues in Modern Slavery

Issues in Modern Slavery, Trafficking and Bonded Labour

Edited by Anastasia Vasilyeva, this e-book on modern slavery collects contributions from leading experts to highlight practical and theoretical issues surrounding the persistence of human trafficking and forced labour.

Often thought to be a malice of the past, forced labour continues to take on a variety of forms across the globe and disproportionately affects the most vulnerable - refugees, migrants, women, children and marginalized identity groups. The trafficking of humans has also continued, often taking advantage of an increasingly connected and interdependent world. The current state of affairs demands international cooperation to develop frameworks to curtail the channels that supply slaves and to better identify those at risk.

What are the underlying factors that fuel slavery and who are the main actors needed to protect the vulnerable populations? What are some of the effective recent initiatives, public or private, to curtail slavery? What can we learn from recent failures? What are the key policy options and opportunities for international cooperation in the struggle to make slavery history?

Authors in the new Global Policy e-book will address these questions over the coming months, with contributions serialised here before collection into the final free volume. Please check back regularly for updates.

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09 October 2020
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28 August 2020
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28 August 2020
This is the first chapter in a forthcoming Global Policy e-book on modern slavery. Contributions from leading experts highlighting practical and theoretical issues surrounding the…