New Trends & Patterns

New Trends & Patterns


The Way Forward for International Trade: Lessons from the TPP reborn

Jorge Heine and Nicolás Albertoni expore the rebirth of the TPP, and a rising tide of free trade agreements (FTAs), preferential trade agreements (PTAs) and regional trade agreements (RTAs).

Hong Kong, the AIIB, and the Evolving Geography of Finance: A World Financial Center in the Making?

Gregory T. Chin explores Hong Kong’s lobbying for a special role in the AIIB and in the Belt & Road strategy, the number of visits by Asian state leaders, and corporate realignments across Asia.

Global Climate Action Amid Trump: Challenges…But Also Measured Optimism

Despite the worries, Kathryn Hochstetler finds room for transformative climate change action under newly elected President Trump.

Chinese Development Finance: A Convergence of Passions and Interests

Kevin P. Gallagher explores China's growing passion for green finance, south-south development cooperation, and global leadership.

Reshaping World Trade: The Export Finance of the Emerging Economies

Kristen Hopewell argues that export credit is proving to be a useful lens on both the challenges of multilateral cooperation amid contemporary power shifts, as well as the diminishing capacity of the US.