New Trends & Patterns

New Trends & Patterns

The First Four Years of Operations at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and New Development Bank

Chris Humphrey examines the governance and early operations of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and New Development Bank.

The Way Forward for International Trade: Lessons from the TPP reborn

Jorge Heine and Nicolás Albertoni expore the rebirth of the TPP, and a rising tide of free trade agreements (FTAs), preferential trade agreements (PTAs) and regional trade agreements (RTAs).

Hong Kong, the AIIB, and the Evolving Geography of Finance: A World Financial Center in the Making?

Gregory T. Chin explores Hong Kong’s lobbying for a special role in the AIIB and in the Belt & Road strategy, the number of visits by Asian state leaders, and corporate realignments across Asia.

Global Climate Action Amid Trump: Challenges…But Also Measured Optimism

Despite the worries, Kathryn Hochstetler finds room for transformative climate change action under newly elected President Trump.

Chinese Development Finance: A Convergence of Passions and Interests

Kevin P. Gallagher explores China's growing passion for green finance, south-south development cooperation, and global leadership.

Reshaping World Trade: The Export Finance of the Emerging Economies

Kristen Hopewell argues that export credit is proving to be a useful lens on both the challenges of multilateral cooperation amid contemporary power shifts, as well as the diminishing capacity of the US.