Creative Commons Global Summit 2017

The Creative Commons is an organisation which describes its mission as one which, “helps you legally share your knowledge and creativity to build a more equitable, accessible, and innovative world”. Best known for its content licences, Creative Commons is in fact a global movement which encourages open sharing and creativity in commercial, educational, public and cultural settings. It aims to “unlock the full potential of the internet to drive a new era of development, growth and productivity”. Its Global Summit is a forum to discuss key developments in these areas.

The GLI team attend the Creative Commons Global Summit will consist of eight students (four undergraduate and four Masters students) from across the Schools of the Faculty of Social Sciences: Architecture, Economics, Geography, Information, Journalism, Law and Management. The team comprises Nathan Allaby, Julie Baldwin, Leila Eddakille, Kirsty Franks, Laura-Grace Holliday, Amy Lees, Stefanie Lo and Jessica Rees. They will be joined by Professor Stephen Pinfield (Information School) and Dr Julia Davies (School of Education).


Creative CommonsSummit Blogs

The GLI Sheffield Team at the Creative Commons summit in Toronto! - Leila Eddakille

First Impressions - Final Preparations for the Creative Commons Summit - Jessica Rees

The State of the Commons - Amy Lees

The Conference is Open, but is Access to Education? - Grace Holliday

Balancing the Scales of Social and Economic Value of Open Access and CC Material: The Role of CC in Libraries and Museums - Kirsty Franks

What are Open Licenses doing for Early Years Development? 26 Educators, 2 Hours, 1 Platform, 13 Translations - Jessica Rees

Is the Creative Commons the Solution to Advancing Knowledge? - Nathan Allaby

Different Opens - Same Conversation? - Julie Baldwin

Creative Commons – More than just Licensing - Stefanie Lo


Policy Briefs

Cultivating Safe Online Communities and Comment Sections which Protect Contributors and Users from Harassment and Hostility - Grace Holliday

Open Business Models, the Future of Innovation, and the Need for Education - Amy Lees

The Creative Commons and local communities: Challenges and opportunities for community projects within the Creative Commons global strategy - Leila Eddakille

Copyright Law and the Creative Commons – Friends or Foes? - Stefanie Lo

Universities ‘Repatriating’ Publishing: A Critical Review of Radical Open-Access Proposals - Nathan Allaby

The Future of Open Access Policy: Incrementalism v. Disruption - Julie Baldwin

From Licence Provider to Community Builder: The Strategic Shift of the Creative Commons - Jessica Rees

Combating the Culture of Privilege: Ways in Which the Creative Commons, Open Access and Open Educational Resources are Enabling Social Impact in the GLAM Sector - Kirsty Franks