Global Entrepreneurship Congress

Global Entrepreneurship Congress

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) brings together thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and policymakers to understand the global dimensions of entrepreneurship and innovation. It provides a meeting space for participants to gain insights, learn about new research, and connects people across borders to unleash their ideas and transform innovation into reality with the aim to grow economies and expand human welfare.


The Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2019

GEC 2019 will take place in Manama, Bahrain with delegates from 170 countries. The University of Sheffield, as part of the Global Leadership Initiative, will be taking a team of eight students led by Dr Chay Brooks and Dr Cristian Gherhes to the GEC where they will be identifying and analysing emerging issues from the Congress. The team will provide critical reflections on the global dimensions of policies that aim to promote entrepreneurial-led growth. Throughout the Congress, the team will produce a series of blogs and policy briefs from the event and you can follow their activities via @GLOSSshef and @GECGlobal.


Congress Blogs

What I Would Tell My Younger Self… Advice from Entrepreneurs - Will Szabo

Exploring the Mind of an Entrepreneur: Unlocking the Creative Genius - Salifyanji Simwanza

Food for Thought: What Will We be Eating in 30 Years? - Louise Litten

The Dream of a Technology for Social Good – Or Rather a Nightmare? - Dominik Brauchart

Building Digital Nations: The World at Your Fingertips - Joseph Dunn

Neglecting the Majority: The Need for Inclusive Entrepreneurship - Jocelyne Girgis

How the Kingdom of Bahrain Became a Playground for Entrepreneurs - Lars Hoeylo Kjoellesdal

The West in the East: Is the Western Entrepreneurship Model Truly Global? - Louise Litten


Policy Briefs

Simwanza - How To Become a Global Entrepreneur: Insights and Findings from CEG.

Sazbo - The Failure of Start-ups: a Pandemic?

Girgis - Challenges and Change: Encouraging Youth Entrepreneurship for Economic Development

Zahra - Challenges and Opportunities in the Middle-Eastern Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Litten - Turning a square into a cube: the importance of empowering female entrepreneurs

Brauchart - Development of regulations on Fintech start-ups and what economies can learn from Bahrain

Hoeylo Kjoellesdal - An Employed Society is a Stable Society: A Brief View on How Entrepreneurship Can Improve Refugees’ Livelihoods

Policy for Agripreneurship: Building a Sustainable Future - Joseph Dunn






The Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2016

The following pieces were written by members of the GLI team at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) 2016 in Medellin. The GLI team working as policy analysts at the GEC consists of Winnie Liu, Dom Keogh, Elizabeth Kohorn-Hill, Ellen Peacock, Jon Harvey, and Zi Y Huang.

Conference Blogs

Elizabeth Kohorn-Hill - Innovation, Productivity and ‘Long Term Economic Plans’

Chay Brooks and Tim Vorley - A Meeting of Minds: Attending the Global Entrepreneurship Congress

Tim Vorley - Reimagining Medellin as an Innovative and Entrepreneurial City

Ellen Peacock - Western bias at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress