The HABITAT III conference is the single most important international event on cities and urban development in the past 20 years, following previous events in Istanbul in 1996 and Vancouver in 1976. Coming just after the announcement of an ‘urban goal’ among the UN’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ announced in 2015, HABITAT III comes at a time when urban issues have risen to the top of the global policy agenda.

The GLI team attending Habitat III consists of eight students drawn from the departments of Architecture, Urban Studies and Planning, Politics and Economics. They are Clara Mazetti Classen, Lydia Darby, Amartya Deb, Aidan Kidder, Jose Lagunes, Rowan Riley, Simeon Shtebunaev, and Frances Thompson. They will be accompanied by two academic staff, Dr Beatrice de Carli (School of Architecture) and Dr. Tom Goodfellow (Department of Urban Studies and Planning).


Summit Blogs

HABITAT III Team - Meet the Sheffield GLI policy team attending the UN Habitat III conference in Quito

Housing at Habitat III: First Impressions - Frances Thompson

People-Centric Solutions for Safe Public Spaces and the New Urban Agenda - Cara Mazetti Claassen

Throwing the Poor a Rope: Why the New Urban Agenda needs a more Active Rhetoric on Inequality - Aidan Kidder

Paradigm Shift? The Role of Local Governments on the World Stage - Simeon Shtebunaev

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: The Importance of Disaster-Risk Reduction Strategies - Lydia Darby

Integration of Informal Settlements in Urban Areas – Messages from Habitat III - Amartya Deb

Talking Migration and Refugees at Habitat III – What is Missing? - Cara Mazetti Classen

Better Together: The Changing Face of Humanitarian Relief Programs - Lydia Darby

Building Resilient Environments at all Levels - Jose Roberto Lagunes Trejo

Cities and Corruption: The Elephant in the Room Blocking the Way Towards Inclusive Cities - Aidan Kidder

The March of the Smart City at Habitat III - Simeon Shtebunaev


Policy Briefs

The Right to Adequate Housing through Government-Resident Partnerships

Urban Culture and Heritage in the New Urban Agenda

Connecting two aspects of Habitat III – Rural-Urban Linkages for Sustaining Opportunities in the Informal Sector

Housing at the centre of Habitat III

Planning for Migration – Policy Recommendations for Cities from Habitat III

Fostering ‘Inclusivity’ in Urban Economic Development