The Organic World Congress 2017

The Organic World Congress

The Organic World Congress (OWC) was held in New Delhi, India from 9 to 11 November 2017 to promote and celebrate the inevitable turning of global agriculture to organic farming methods and to measure progress. This open forum offered a global platform for exchange, benefitting a number of different organic stakeholders, including local and global organic movements, farmers, governments, international development agencies, policy-makers, researchers, scientists, and trade.

The following pieces were written by members of the GLI team attending the Organic World Congress. The team consists of Emilia Law, William Matupi, Brogan McCawley, Eleanor Nash, Karolina Sliwinska, Laura Yoshimoto Turpin. They were accompanied by two academic staff, Dr Juan Miguel Kanai (Department of Geography) and Dr Sanjay Lanka (School of Management) of the University of Sheffield.


Policy Briefs

Turpin - Brazil’s Need for a Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) Assistive Body

Sliwinska - The Harmful Truth of Bt Cotton1 Farming Promoting Awareness Schemes

Nash - The Uses and Challenges of Sustainable Methods in Organic Agriculture

McCawley - Healthy Farms for Future Generations – Methods, Research and Education in Managing Soil Quality

Matupi - Reconciling India’s Insurance System and the Organic Paradigm

Law - Reducing the Organic Stigma