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G7 Hiroshima

The 49th G7 summit will be held from 19 to 21 May 2023 in Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Gregory Stiles and Hugo Dobson will be there for the Global Leadership Initiaitve. 


New Kid on the G7 Block: Is Rishi ready for Hiroshima?

To engage or not to engage? Japan’s relationship with civil society at the G7



G7 Schloß Elmau Summit 2022

Seven years ago, Global Policy supported a team of students and staff from the University of Sheffield to visit the Group of 7 (G7) Summit in Schloß Elmau, Germany. Observing developments from the International Media Centre (IMC), they produced a series of blogs and policy briefs that are available below.

After a brief pandemic-related hiatus, Global Policy returns to the G7. It is taking place in the same venue as seven years ago in Bavaria and provides an opportunity to evaluate how much (and little) has changed.


Summit Blogs

What a Difference Seven Years Make: G7 Leaders Then and Now by Hugo Dobson and Greg Stiles

The Perils of a Holiday in the Sun: When Domestic and Global Commitments Clash



G7 Charlevoix Summit 2018

The following pieces were written by members of the GLI team at the G7 Charlevoiz summit: Hannah Baron, Matthew Bishop, Joelle Cheong, Jessica Dam, Hugo Dobson, Leanne Gaffney-Berkley, Hannah McLennan, Samuel Ribansky, Charline Sempéré, James Snowden – Global Leadership Initiative, University of Sheffield. 


Summit Blogs

School for Scandal at the Summit?

Self-Determination in Québec: will old sparks reignite as the eyes of the world fall on Charlevoix?

Colour is the New Black: The Role of Leaders' Fashion in Setting the Tone for the G7

Regulating the Robots: Canada’s Potential for Leading the Way with Responsible AI

Trump et la récente ‘Guerre Commerciale’ ont déjà volé la vedette à la priorité officielle du sommet: l'égalité homme-femme

Seven Up, or Seven Down: from G7 to G-Zero?

‘To Restrict or Not to Restrict’: Protest and Security at the G7 in Quebec

Is the ‘Trade War’ Tearing the G7 Apart?

Canada’s Shifting G7 Agenda: Where have all the plastics gone?

This Land is your Land, this Land is my Land: Will Canada engage with its Indigenous Community at the G7 Summit?


Policy Briefs

Trade War: What is it good for? - Matthew Louis Bishop

The G8 is Dead. Long Live the G7. - Hugo Dobson

Non-proliferation: Can the G7 Solve the North Korean and Iranian nuclear Threat? - Jessica Dam

Automation, AI and Applied Science: The New Technological Triple Threat? - Leanne Gaffney-Berkeley

G7 2018: Making Gender Inequality History? - Charline Sempéré

Gender Budgeting: A Step Towards a More Inclusive Society? - Hannah Baron

Commit Global, Manage Local: Why Bundling the Environment, Climate and Energy Helps None of Them - Samuel Ribanský

Gender on the Agenda: A Methodological Shift in the G7 - Joelle Cheong

Digitally Docile Global Governance: Have We Got any Closer to International Cybersecurity Norms at this year’s G7? - James Snowden

Growing Old Gracefully: How can the G7 Mitigate the Effects of its Ageing Populations? - Hannah McLennan




G7 Taormina Summit 2017

The 43rd G7 summit took place in Taormina, Italy from 26 to 27 May 2017 with the declared mission of ‘Building the Foundations of Renewed Trust’ built on the three pillars of: 1) citizen safety; 2) economic, environmental and social sustainability and reduction of inequalities; and innovation, skills and labour in the age of the next production revolution.

This was the first G7 summit for several leaders including US President Donald Trump, British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron.

The following pieces were written by members of the GLI team at the G7 Taormina Summit. The GLI team consists of Garrett Wallace Brown, Hugo Dobson, Rachael Bunyan, Adam Coles, Jack Hunnaball, Dinora Kruja, Yuma Osaki, Dale Riahi and Jo Weir.


Summit Blogs

Spotting the Difference? The G7 and “Anti-Protectionism”

Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty for G7 Gender Equality?

The Universe Stops at Land’s End: The Parochial British Media

Why use One Word when Two will do? The Length of the Summit Communiqué

Add Facebook as a Friend to Fight Terror

When World Leaders Meet: Handshakes and Snubs

The Manchester Attack and the G7: Locating a ‘Strong and Stable’ Response?

The Art of the Meal: The Logistics of Hosting a Successful G7 Summit

Rolling out the Green Carpet for Trump

Pleased to Meet You?: Trepidation for First-Time Summiteers

G7 Bounce? When Elections and Summits Clash


Policy Briefs

What Does the Taormina G7 Summit Mean for MENA Stability - Riahi

International Trade Governance and the G7 in the Trump and post-Brexit Era - Osaki

Terrorism at the G7 - Kruja

Global Opportunity or Fake Smiles_ Automation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Hunnaball

Gender-based Violence and the 2017 G7 Summit - Ignoring the Most Vulnerable - Bunyan

And the Circus Leaves Town- A Critical Examination of the G7 as a Legitimate Form of Global Governance - Coles

Securitizing the Symptoms, not Causes The G7 Again Misses the Point on Collective Global Security - Brown

The Perennial North Korea Problem at the G7 Summit - Weir

When Bilateralism Trumps Multilateralism Japan-US Relations at the G7 - Dobson



G7 Leaders Summit, Ise-Shima, Japan 2016

The following pieces were written by members of the GLI team at the G7 Leaders Summit in Ise-Shima, Japan. The GLI team consists of Garrett Wallace Brown, John Casson, Rachel Claringbull, Hugo Dobson, Elliott Glover, John Jacobs, Magdalena Krakau, Gregory Stiles.


Summit Blogs

G7 Team - Obama Goes to Hiroshima: The Pros and Cons of Lame Duck Presidents

G7 Team - NGOs at the G7 Japan: Keep your friends close and your NGOs… well, further away

G7 Team - Abe’s efforts to win over the World’s Media

G7 Team - Advertising Opportunities Now Available at G7 Summits

G7 Team - Do you love Sake?: Cultural Promotion and G7 Politics

G7 Team - A New Age of Global Summitry?

G7 Team - GLI’s Cultural Exchange in Japan – a warm Welcome

G7 Team - The Political Logic of Logos

G7 Team - Global Summitry and the Beautiful Game

G7 Team - Brexit or Remain: Hope Springs Eternal in Sendai

G7 Team - Japan’s Gender Segregation: A Forward-Looking Policy or an Education Failure?


Policy Briefs


Brown - Global Health gets a Vital Injection at the G7 Japan Summit, but not the Cure

Krakau - Maritime Territorial Disputes and the G7 - the Limits of Agenda Setting

Dobson - Sino-Japanese Rivalry and a Potential Battle of the ‘Gs’

Jacobs - The DPRK at Ise-Shima 2016 – Strong on Rhetoric but Light on Solutions

Glover - G7 Relinquish Leadership on Climate Change to Members’ Discretion

Casson - The Global Economy: Where do we go from Here?

Stiles - Russia and the G7 - Coming Back in From the Cold

Claringbull - Women at the G7 – in need of a Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action



G7 Schloss Elmau, Germany 2015

The following pieces were written by members of the GLI at the Group of Seven (G7) summit in Schloss Elmau, Germany. In each case, the GLI stresses the need for tangible global leadership at these summits and provides analysis examining how this is being advanced or diminished.


Post-summit analyses

Hatiar - G7 Steps Up as a Catalyst of Global De-carbonisation

Gruia - Sustainable Decisions on Sustainable Development

Pedrick - Consistently inconsistent, The G7 and women

Stiles - The G7 summit, A failure of leadership over Ukraine

Dobson - The Curious Case of Japanese Leadership in Global Summitry

Brown - The 2015 G7 summit, A missed opportunity for global health leadership


Summit Blogs

The GLI team - 'Locals Boycott the G7 as Economically Damaging'

The GLI team - 'G7 Protests: Washed out and Dry on Substance'

The GLI team - 'The G7 Media Centre: Big on Talk, Light on Substance'?

The GLI team - Between G7 Leaders and the General Public: Is the Media being Held at Arm’s Length?

The GLI team - The J7 Summit: Youth Participation or Youth Isolation?