World Urban Forum 9 2018

World Urban Forum 9

The World Urban Forum takes place every two years bringing together multiple stakeholders to discuss and share knowledge about the goals for sustainable urban development. Addressing the theme, “Cities 2030, Cities for All: Implementing the New Urban Agenda,” the World Urban Forum 9 (WUF9) will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in February 2018. WUF9 builds on the resolution of Habitat III when 167 countries agreed the New Urban Agenda, which sets a common vision and global standards for sustainable urban development in the coming decades.

A team of GLI policy analysts will attend WUF9, consisting of eight students (two undergraduate and four Master’s students) from the departments of Geography, Politics, and Urban Studies and Planning in the University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Social Sciences. The team comprises Sadia Amin, Michael Berry, Francis Clay, Xiaowen Dai, Nusha Haghpanah, Sandra Kundeya, Ashwini Maheswaran Foster and Alice Preston Jones. They will be joined by Dr Gabriel Silvestre and Dr Zheng Wang from the Department of Urban Studies.


Policy Briefs

Ashwini Maheswaran Foster - Water and the New Urban Agenda – Tapping into the importance of partnerships between local government and NGOs

Sadia Amin - Blurring the Formal-Informal Dichotomy Is Self-Help the Answer

Sandra Kundeya - Youth empowerment and sustainable development

Xiaowen Dai – Spatial Planning and Gender Equality Challenges of Creating Safe Cities for Women Girls

Alice Preston-Jones - Three Pathways for Urban Change

Francis Clay - Right to the City flipping planning on its head

Michael Berry - Squaring the circle

Nusha Haghpanah - Integrating migrants and refugees


Summit Blogs

Sustainable Urbanisation and Economic Development: Youth on the move to make the dream a living reality - Sandra Kundeya

Steering Clear from Difficult Conversations – Welcome to WUF9 - Sadia Amin

Faraway, So Close! Is the World Urban Forum Bridging Differences and Building Collaborations? - Francis Clay

The Smart City Paradigm is “coming whether you like it or not” - Alice Preston-Jones

Can the New Urban Agenda move from Rhetoric to Reality? - The GLI Team

Traffic Jams the World Urban Forum - Michael Berry

Implementing the NUA - Can we use Big Data to Create Safer Public Places for Girls and Women? - Xiaowen Dai 

Has the WUF9 Gone Far Enough to Move on the ‘What’ to the ‘How’? - Nusha Haghpanah